Blood Bowl Teams Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Hall of Fame: an archive of all the Blood Bowl teams I have painted.

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Bozo's Bashers 2007

Miner-Skoda's Vikings 2007

Olmeca Ocelots 2007

Tricker Treaters 2007

Lunatics 2008

Bushido Brawlers 2008

Wild Harts 2008

Black Death Dealers 2008

Black Bay Buccaneers 2009

Smashing Pumpkins 2009

Frogmorton Bullroarers 2009

Dragon Flies 2009

Toltectonics 2010

Picnic Pillagers 2010

San Di Hellgo Changers 2010

Vulcan's Hammers 2010

Kreinglemeisters 2010

Credence Crudwater Revilers 2011

The Deadly Nightshades 2011

Creole Creek Croakers 2011 

Blue Cheese Bruisers 2011

Roquefort Rushers 2011

The Kneecappers 2011

Cheez Whizzards 2011

Dragonstone Brutes 2011

The Recylers 2011

Green Bay Hackers 2011

Ringling Blooders & Harm'em Daily Circus 2011

Evil League of Evil 2011

Mid-Nor Nurgle 2011

Bog Trog Slann 2011

North Kilt-town Sheep Shaggers 2011

Violent Femmes 2011

Narnia Knights 2012

Verethragna's Victors 2012

Crete's Cretans 2012

Bronze Boars 2012

Da Heavy Kroozers 2012
Donated to the Charity Blood Bowl Tournament:  Atlantic Coast Charity Cup

Karak-Nhati Bengals 2012

Vile Style 2012

The Mystic Knights of the Congo Bongo 2012

The Underworld Warp Drivers 2012

The Fjord Furies 2013

The Midgewater Muckrakers 2013

The Rat Pack 2013

The Hurtston Oilers 2013

The Psychedelic Furs 2013

The Porksburgh Squealers 2013

The Vinland Valkyries 2013

The Broken Coast Bloody Bone Breakers 2013

The Ingolstadt Immortals 2013

The Abydon Despoilers 2013

The Dungeon Dwellers 2013

More to come... 

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