Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Step Right Up! The Cure For What Ails You For The Low Cost Of Free! Give-A-Way Starts!

Step right up! Step right up! No matter what ails you we have the cure!
That's right, to a lucky few who are wise enough to obtain Professor L. Ferret's patented, pertinent,  permanent, prescribed potion to unburden the weary woes that is your life.

Stuff!  Stuff my friends.  The tangible tanticularities of the firmament made manifest in your hands.
The sounding stones of the otherwise dubious incertitude of the nature of reality and one's place within.


And it can be yours! Nay, it verily must be yours for the verisimilitude of your peace in existence.
I say this not lightly.  Now, I am no saint.  No sir, no madam. I am but a humble traveler along life's path, blessed with unreasonable good fortune and so I should, no, I must, share this fortune and gift with others.

And so I present you good folk with a chanceful opportunity to receive this elixir of entities of entertainment.
Not for coin, not for dollars nor trade.  I have so much faith in the validity of my claim I offer these oddities freely!

Now, who shall be the first to come forward?


So I'm not waiting to hit 300 followers, I don't know when that will happen, or if it will, and while I'm close to 500 updates, that's a couple months off I'd expect.  And since the blog hit 200,000 views that seems like a good spot to stop and have a Give-Away!  More of that in a bit, but first, the 200,000 hits analysis:

200,000 Hits! 

If that was 1 hit a year it would go back to the very earliest occurrence of our species! 
First Blogger: 198,000 BCE

200,000 hits: Who's checking in around the globe? 

Just like when I hit 50,000 and 100,000  I also did a bit of digging to find out where the most visits were coming from.

Again, the top 5 countries in (the same as before) order of the most visits was: USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia.  But I don't count raw numbers, it's just not a fair way to do things when some countries have much larger populations.  So, punching numbers for per capita.. the last two times it was: 1.UK, 2.Australia, 3.Denmark

Would it be the same again? Would the home country rise to place, would Australia beat the UK? 
Let's find out!

FIRST PLACE, with an index value of 26:
United Kingdom, for the third time!

SECOND PLACE,with an index value of 25:
New Zealand!  Knocking Australia from her position.

THIRD PLACE, with an index value of 21:
Denmark! Maintaining it's position at 3 for the third time. 

Australia slipped to 4th, followed by Sweden, then Canada, then the US with France just a touch behind. 

I really enjoy finding out all the international visits and hobby goings-on in other places. 



OK, I promised a contest, so here goes. 

The contest lasts 11 days.  At the end of September 1st, 11:59 PM Pacific time I'll draw it to a close. 

There are 11 items to chose from.  See below for details.

Anyone who enters. Great if you are a 'follower', but I know some people 'follow' without being a 'follower' because they don't have a google or blogger account.  If you follow by email or by bookmark, that's fine, I'm not here to change how you get about the internet. Winners could be anyone, from friends locally I see fairly regularly to people anywhere on the planet a postal worker can reach: selection is by random chance.


You get points for certain things. At the end of the contest I'll add up all the points and generate a random number from the total, if it is one of yours: you win! 

Here's what gets you points:

1 point: Comment on this update. 

1 point: Plug* this contest on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, somewhere else that is appropriate and reference it here in the comments. 

1 point:  In addition to linking to the contest, link to another past update that you like- something you enjoyed or think is useful, interesting, weird, or whatever criteria you have.  Just to get the older stuff noticed again.  Internet & human attention span being what it is, things older than a week tend to get lost, but there could be fun stuff in past updates people hadn't seen. 

* Plug: 
Plug means promote, endorse, refer, link, town-crier, or chicken little it. It does not mean 'pimp'.  
That's a massive pet peeve of mine that I wish would die by fire.  

Pimps are assholes.  Pimps are as low as slavelords. Pimps should have their humanity status revoked.  

The fact this word has come into common usage to mean promote or endorse or make fancy is disgusting. The fact that common culture now seems to admire pimps is repulsive.  Anything that helps make this acceptable I want nothing to do with.  I have nothing against, though no personal interest in, prostitution, but pimps are parasites.  Prostitutes work for a living, they don't abuse and use others as property.  Pimps are not bad because they are associated with prostitution.. they could only aspire to reach such heights: pimps are a rotting fester that sucks the life out of, abuse, and dehumanize human beings. I don't accept taking advantage of other people.
So no 'pimping'. 
If you want to use the word, feel free, it's your right, but if it's associated with this contest all points are lost. 

I know a lot of people use the word without any such intended meaning, so I don't judge people who use it in a casual unthinking way, most who use the term don't give any thought beyond the immediate innocent meaning they intend, but I do think about it, and now I can't help but notice the offensive nature behind it.
The subconscious affect is real, and I'd prefer to not even have a second-hand association with it.
Avoid the word and I'm happy.

Words shape ideas. Ideas shape reality. So I draw the line on that one. 

So you can get as many as 3 points.  

I will roll randomly to select at least 3 winners. 
First rolled gets first choice, then second, then third. A person can't win more than one time. 

If there are a lot of entries I may open it up to have more than 3 winners, but there will be at least 3. 

So here are the prizes: 

1. 15mm Sci-Fi transport by GZG (not assembled, pieces placed to show how it looks)

2. Twelve 28mm Mordor Orcs on spru by GW for Lord of the Rings

3. 28mm Blood Bowl Referee (converted & painted by me) and set of Block Dice

4. Six 25mm Pirates by Wargames Foundry

5. Two 28mm Bandidos from Black Scorpion

6. His & Hers 28mm Demon characters from Reaper

7. A whole mess o' dice: wide variety of colors of d6s 2d10, a d16 and a direction die.
(I'll switch out a grey d10 for a second color so they can be used for percentile).

8. The Tolkien Companion. Hardback 531pgs.  A-Z chock full of Tolkien Lore

9. 40k history codex bundle: the first ever codex: Space Wolves (2nd ed), & 3rd ed. ImperialGuard

10. English Reformation. Trade Paperback,367pgs. Lots of info on life during the Tudor times. 

11. The Vampire Encyclopedia. Hardback, 303pgs. A-Z chock full of Vampire Lore.  
Good reference for Horror gaming. 

So 11 choices, hopefully something appealing to everyone. 

Good Luck! 


Asslessman said...

Hey Ferret ! Let's try to help you gain a few followers (I don't have your fame but will happily help in my humble way) :

Link for this post (at the end of the post) :

Link for a previous one (at the end of the post) :

Anyway, congats !

Clint said...

Congratulations on the milestone. Very well deserved. (Please do not count this comment as an entry, I am pleased you are doing well but do not desire any freebies) Kind Regards Clint.

Oliver said...

Hell, I'll put this challenge up on my Blog (your are allready in my followed blogs), and you don't even have to enter me in your raffle I'll do it because I like your blog :)

styx said...

Enter me!


Interesting item:

Outside the box does a little of this and that for the gamer. Not the typical fare of blogs and has some cool nostalgic figs and other interesting things!

James Brewerton said...

well done on the 200,000 and the forth coming 300 followers it is a great and informative blog.
Peace James

Diplomatist said...


Competition and archive entries promoted at

The Responsible One said...

Well, the Lead Plague's promotion has gained you another follower!

Lasgunpacker said...

200k is amazing! Congratulations.


and I think I started reading the blog back when this dwarf ranger conversion was posted... really like clean conversions like that, and you do a great job of them. (it may have been earlier, but I can not recall)

GaryA said...

Dear Mr Ferret,

In line with your instructions I have promoted your blog and the competition and also an earlier post ( This puts me in prime position to win bugger all as usual, but you can't keep a good man down!

I notice that the usual suspects have already put their bids in. They must've been waiting like cruising shitehawks.


Simon Quinton said...

Well done on hitting the 200k mark LF!

I will plug your blog to a facebook group i'm in as well as some of your very cool conversions :D

Simon Quinton said...

Here's the FB group if your interested :D

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all!
And welcome Responsible One.. I'm glad someone around here is willing to be responsible, because I certainly don't want to be.

Oh you never know Gary, random chance has to land somewhere.. though if you have limited luck to commit it'd probably be wiser used on a lottery ticket.

Scottswargaming said...

Well done good Sir. Your blog activities are always worthy of attention! Well done from a Kiwi ! Next year we'll be number one! ;-)

The Ferrets giveaway on ScottsWargaming

ColKillgore said...

Here is the plug in Question.

Congratulations of the pageviews and hopefully many more to come.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on the 200,000 Ferret. Put me in for the Reaper figures please.

I will gladly promote your blog with a post tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow at my normal time for maximum exposure.

I'll gladly put in a link to one of your previous posts as well.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I can only win one prize . . . so if I'm truly meant to win I only need one entry, right?

Please consider this my entry, sir.

-- Jeff

Gunnar Lopez said...

One can always use more dice, Congrats on the mahoosive number of hits!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Scott, NZ overtaking Australia took me by surprise :)

Thanks ColK! As long as people find something interesting to see hope they'll continue to come see.

Thanks Anne :) No need to decide what item yet.. it's a more awkward system I'm afraid.. first person to win gets first choice, then 2nd gets next, so if you do win and are 3rd you'll have to intimidate the other winners ahead of you to step off your intended prize ;)

Consider entered Blue bear! It is true a person can only win once, but they could be entered with 1,2,or 3 points, so it increases chances to win if having more points, like having 3 raffle tickets instead of 1, but yeah, once you win, if your other numbers are rolled it's skipped and another is rolled.

Thanks Gunnarm, Dice are a vice and I'm addicted to collecting new ones to color coordinate for different projects, so I have plenty I can spare :)

The Kiwi said...

To Laughing Ferret Author. Congrats on your landmark number of web investigation querys. A mighty figure indeed. May the number increase exponentially in a concise time period. Please continue to make an impression on our senses and improve our health with your impressive potions.
Thank you as well for bringing to my attention a most unsatisfactory word and its inappropriate application.
Good health to you.

Schedler Vincent said...

Congratulation Sir

Kasper said...

Dear Ferret,
Considering that I've really enjoyed reading your blog the last year or so, I would be happy to spread the word around a bit. Hell, being from Denmark, I probably account for half the Danish hits :-).
I've included a mention of your blog in this post (, but I really want to emphasize one specific post. The "I've Fallen" (, as that was the one wherein I felt we got to know the real (not-always-)laughing Ferret.
So count me in for three points for the give-away, mainly becasue I really enjoy your posts and am envious of your paintjobs :-).
All the best,

Ray Rousell said...

Nice one Ferret! Congrats on the 200k and I'm sure this post will get you up to the 200 followers as well! I shall indeed plug your givaway today if I get the chance!!

Unknown said...

Here's the link to the post

I also included a link back reference to one of my favourite posts. It was a Bloodbowl game from last year. Primates vs Gators!

Maxamillian said...

Found this blog from Llama's blog. Count me in for the draw!

Phyllion said...

Congratulations sir, quite a milestone.

Laughing Ferret said...

Forgot to mention- Simon, thanks for the Facebook plug, I can't see it, bc I'm not on Facebook, but glad some who use it can find some stuff thanks to you :)

Thanks Kiwi for your master craftsman certified reply :)

Thanks Captain,Andrew & Kasper! Kasper, that Black Adder avatar always makes me smile

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Ray! Very Kind.

Awesome Anne, thanks! Have to get you playing Blood Bowl someday too ;)

Welcome Maxamillian! Entered, no problem.

Thanks Phyllion! It is.. I'll have to decide what the next willbe.. I got impatient for quarter million, but it'snow too close to 200k, so maybe 300? 500? hard to say, but it's just cool to have had this much, so I'll enjoy it now

Andrew McCory said...

Congrats Master Ferret, truly a great achievment. Put my name in the magic hat for the pirates & the dice please.

Kev said...

Ooooo, count me in and congrats on the MAHOOOOSIVE 200k

TamsinP said...

Congrats on the milestone Ferret! :)

I'm going to sit out this prize draw - I think I've won enough in the past year, so I'll let some others have a chance

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

I'm in, great initiative and great prizes!


Mike said...

Congrats on the milestone, well done. I like the blog and am now following. I echo your comments on the workd "pimp." Normally only my wife and children have heard my ranting about it. Good to know I'm not the only sane person around...
I'd like to enter the drawing.

Chris Stoesen said...

Congrats. Great accomplishment.

Plug below:

Ian Coakley said...

Congratulations on the views, man - your minis deserve to be seen!

Here's my link -

The Angry Lurker said...

Count me in Ferret old chap and I will promote your shenanigans later today.

rhingley said...

Shiver me timbers, a chance to win pirates. I'm in.

The Angry Lurker said...


Michael Awdry said...

Please let me add my heartfelt congratulations at reaching this wonderful milestone; I have taken a great delight in following your fabulous work and would love to be included in the giveaway.

To that end I have also posted a little nod to the giveaway and highlighted a post that particularly helped me, so might prove helpful to others.

Here's to many more hits, all the very best,


fireymonkeyboy said...

I'm in, with a plug and cool post citation to boot:


Unknown said...

Apparently, I am your 300th customer, er... follower. Congrats.

As per your rules I did post about the contest on my blog.

I also found your concepts behind Goblin Giants interesting and discussed that on my blog as well.

You can find the linked blog posts under my post:

I look forward to the completion of the Unit Army from Doctor Who. Not a Warhammer Army guy myself but the more interestingly designed ones always have something I can take away for my miniature building, painting and displaying.

Ian said...

OK you got me, I will have a go at this one.

been reading your posts and having a laugh


brownk29 said...

Only just found this blog, but it's great! can I enter please!

Tristan M said...

That referee would go great with the dwarf team you painted for me so I must enter this contest.

I will "pimp" it on my blog later :P

Raspoutine said...

gratz on your 200 000 hits. May you have a million more. By the way, I enjoy reading blogs with peeves and soapboxes and such. Puts a little drama into our still soldiers world.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all, and welcome new folks, very cool. One of the nicest things about this has been finding a lot of new blogs for me to follow.

He would fit your team nicely Tristan L(

Thanks Raspountine.. Sometimes I can't resist following a path down a rant ;) If you like that kind of thing then check out the topic tag A-Z 2012... in that year (I missed it this year) I did my A-Z as things that either inspired me, or piss me off, I haven't added them up, but it felt pretty heavy toward the later,or maybe those were just more fun to write ;)

skywatcher said...

Hot diggity... ferret!

200,000 is a might fine milestone.

I plugged the post on twitter (no pimping)

Rodger said...

Congrats on hitting the big 200K Mr Ferret! Kiwis for number 1 next year!

MrLee said...

Great work on the 200k hits! Especially with the little hiatus that you had a while back. Great to see you churning out the posts once more though!

Posted it to my blog, you should see it in your blog roll soon! No need to enter me to the contest though, more would prefer to share it with everyone else, and get them to understand how great this blog is, and motivate you to keep it up!

Best part is always the conversions here. Be it for the Skirmish games or the bloodbowl games. Both are of such high caliber and imagination!

Milo Burgh said...

You have got a new follower, man!! I work in a lab myself, have I earned another point?

Milo Burgh said...

My plug here:

And a plug to an old entry here:


Zzzzzz said...


I was signposted here by Mr Lee. My posts are lined up about six weeks ahead, so out of time for your competition. However, you will be getting a mention on towards the end of September.

Tomistaniol said...

First of all I would like to say hello to everyone, as it is my first comment on these blog :)

Secondly, I have no blog that I could post any news, I recomended your blog on my Google+ profile.

Hope it's fine.

I have to say that I ended up on these page thanks to Mr Lee, from ;)

Thanks for that !

Very nice blog :) My favourite part of it is a Pirate section ;) And the Pirate Bears ! :D
Congrats for having them.

Once more an update/recomendation on my Google+ profile

Keep on your blogging :)

Christopher Sheets said...

Congratulations on your 200,000 page views! Maybe one day I'll get to that rarefied air you're breathing up there.

I've promoted your contest on my blog, and also linked to the excellent Robot Blood Bowl team post, as it's one of my favorites. Lovely mix of minis from different manufacturers, unified by a great theme and paint scheme.

Nord said...

Congrats on getting this far old man! I never miss an episode, let me know if you are releasing a compilation album ;)

Tristan M said...

my blog post includes (rather biased) link to an older post of yours ;)

Derek said...

Congrats on the page count. A great little blog you have here. Here's to many more hits. I'd love to be put in for your draw.

quix42 said...


Ray Rousell said...

Yes its a little late but I've just plugged your givaway over on my blog!

Axtklinge said...

Congrats for the 200K hits!
Its quite an achievement, and very well deserved for the amazing source of inspiration this blog is!
Great job.

Oh, and I hope I'm not too late to "plug" this:

PS: Fingers crossed I've used that "plug" right, not being English native and all... :)

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all, much appreciated, and good luck to everyone!

I found several new blogs to follow in the entries since my last comment, so added those to the roll.

For entries, still almost 5 hours left before I close it down, but at the moment, with not counting some who specifically said not to count them for a prize draw it looks like 88 random number spread since some people have 2 or 3 numbers.

Later tonight I'll post the winners

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