Wednesday, February 29, 2012

50,000 Hits

It seems a bit of a tradition for blogs to celebrate the milestones, which I did last week for the blog turning
1 year old, but I didn't want to let 50,000 go by without a bit of to-do.

In June I posted 10,000 hits, just eight months later it's now up to the 50k mark.

Looking for an appropriate picture for 50,000 I came across this:
Which seems appropriate, since I'll be talking a bit about other countries, and that I've been feeling really cooped up in my home country for far too long now. This is a 50k note from Belarus, showing Mir castle, which I've been to, so even more appropriate!

Mir castle was quite impressive, despite my bias that 'castle' means made from big grey stone blocks.  ;)
Unfortunately most of those type structures in Belarus have long since been destroyed.

As a history buff and a gamer, it's pretty hard for me to resist visiting a castle.
In the US, we only have the ones at Disneyland and the one Hearst built... not really the same. 

From the inside courtyard.

On the walkway between the towers.  
Something tells me if this structure was in the US no one would be allowed to go inside it- this walkway's railing isn't sturdy enough to meet safety standards to prevent idiots from jumping off. 
And the stairs that follow are lawsuits waiting to happen. 

Not the best place to go exploring if you suffer from vertigo in stairwells: the spiral stairs going up the towers are extremely steep:
Good luck trying to attack your way up these stairs!

  And for long distance defense, nothing beats good old reliable rock.

And the view from the towers:

And to put a lid on the castle pictures, the covering of the well inside the courtyard... always good to have a reliable water supply *inside* the castle:
I was waiting for a fountain of blood to erupt through this and an old monster hag to leap out... 
but no such luck

When the blog reached 10,000 hits I looked to see which countries had visited the most.  As you can tell, I do like traveling internationally- and when I can't spare the time to go myself, it's a nice feeling knowing the blog is being visited from all over. Not that domestic visits aren't appreciated: of course they are, and the distance just within my home country can be greater than between some countries! 

The top 3 countries by total visits are:
1. U.S.A
2. U.K.
3. France. 

But it's a bit unfair when countries have different populations, so the best way is to do it per capita.

Coming in first:

 United Kingdom





At the 50 Follower mark, I'd added it up and Denmark had been first, UK second and Australia third.

So to commemorate U.K. taking the lead I'll finish up with a bit of one of my all time favorite bands from the U.K. with a song that fits my feeling that war is great for the tabletop, but it'd be nice to have a lot less of it in the real world.

Thanks for all the visits everyone!


The Angry Lurker said...

Congrats, it's one of the better blogs out here and it shows in your hits increasing steadily, keep it up....

Mr. Lee said...

Echo what the lurker said.. have been following you for a while, and am not surprised that you have so many hits. Great painting, great photos, sometimes great music videos ( can't win them all right? ). Can't wait for you to hit the 100k mark now ;)

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Congrats, on your way to the 100k!

Michael Awdry said...

Congratulations my good man; I am not surprised however given the quality of what you share with us. Looking forward to much more in the future.

Anne said...

You have so much eye candy here, I'm not surprised at the number of visitors you get. My daughter and I were going through your older posts the other day looking at your work as an example of what can be done. She's now sold on the idea of painting mini's too. Congratulations!!

styx said...

Congrats on 50k, one of mine rolled 20k not long ago and I hit one year back around Christmas. I didn't do anything and feel like a douche not doing something! haha!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Well I am claiming at least a thousand of them, coming to drool over your awesome Blood Bowl stuff!

Congratulations and well done! And Huzzah to Oz coming second in the 'per capita' race :-)

Paul´s Bods said...

Nice one. Me like the castle...I wonder wether it´s for sale?

Rodger said...

Congrats on the 50K.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all for the feedback & kind words! Very appreciated!

Mr. Lee: well if you try to please everyone you're doing something wrong :) People don't have to like all the music I like, especially when I like so little of what most people do like ;)

Anne: That's great! Nice when generations get into new things together. I got my birth-mother into Battlestar Galactica (didn't take much really). Hope to see minis from you and her both soon!

Paul: Considering the mess Belarus is in right now, the castle might be for sale! Luke recently sold a controlling portion of the largest bank as well as the natural gas pipeline (it brings the biggest inflow of foreign money into the country and is the only real leverage they had against Russia) to Russia! Truly foolish. So make an offer, it'd probably be considered.

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