Saturday, September 1, 2012

All Aboard the Jungle Cruise to the Lost Celestial Stadium of Opal

It's decided- I won't be liking the departure time, but just about everything is packed aboard the paddler for the Jungle Cruise to the Lost Celestial Blood Bowl Stadium of Opal.  Also known as Fremont, California.

Please stow all belongings safely, as monkeys love to pinch your valuables, and snakes like to stow-away.

The Tournament is two one-day tournaments, I'll just be going for the first day.  My new Apes are just too tempting- I want to go and play with my toys ;)  Rethinking my list, taking some ideas from Tristan (thank you!) I've settled on a team list that gets me a nice mix between useful skills and Ape-theme fun. 

Here is my team roster for the day.  (click for larger)
A 'Human Team Roster' on the surface looks very impressive, you get a lot for low cost.  But it does have some problems... armor 8 is not nearly the defense that armor 9 is, and while 4 Blitzers is nice, compared to teams like Norse or Dwarves, it doesn't have near the amount of Block as those teams, and lacks the strength 4 players of teams like Orcs, Chaos & Chaos Dwarves.  They look suited to play a passing game, but don't have any Agility 4.  It looks like a pretty flexible team though.  
-Gorillas are well adapted to adjust to new environments.

I suspect the secret is not to try and out-do whatever your opponent does well, but instead, try to contain that and do what they don't do well. 
- A Gorilla displays how to tangle with a Kroxigor

-Against a bash team: hold the bash with yours, and run around them. Against an Agility team, keep up with them to contain but bash them. Actually sounds pretty fun: game style will change a lot more based on who you play than teams with a dedicated style, like Dwarves or Wood Elves.  We'll see though ;) 

-I'm sure I packed the playbook somewhere... 

For skills I decided the Gorilla Blitzers would have 2 with Guard and 2 with Frenzy.  I like to have redundancy when possible, also it makes it easier to keep track of fewer skills.  This combo means I can cover both ends of the pitch with a Guard/Frenzy assist, and threaten to surf opponents into the crowd. 
I also like the idea of a couple charging gorillas! 

The Chimp Linemen I went with two Wrestlers, and since the third can't have it also, I gave Naas T. Habits the Dirty Player skill: makes him more likely to break armor or injure when he fouls.  After a fellow Chimp wrestles someone to the crowd, Naas T. can foul him! Feels right for chimps. 

Doc Zaius has Leader, for an economical 3rd Re-roll (20k is cheaper than 50k) and of course big Mogambo had to have Block.  A Blocking Ogre is too good to pass up.  Most teams I expect will have a Blocking Big Guy if their team can have Big Guys, so can't be King of the Jungle without one.  

One Blodger (Block & Dodge) catcher and the other with Side Step- should help keep them both out of danger a bit longer.  

And that's the team.  
I'll take my camera and give some after game reports.  

Wish the Apes luck... I've never played a human roster and there's some very risky aspects to this list...
But Apes are used to being the underdog..

and after all...


Michael Awdry said...

Best of luck, but with a team as good looking as that it will be great fun whatever the result.

commissarmoody said...

Love Oingo Boingo!

M R Lee said...

Best of luck indeed.. but I think you are going to do well regardless. Probably distract your opponent just from all the beautiful models your taking!

Can't wait to see the game reports!

The Angry Lurker said...

All I can say is Good Luck my friend....

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Wicked - great team and like the roster. That Guarding Block on the two Blitzers will be great!

Pickleope said...

Now I really want to go to Disneyland again. But being an adult without kids, it would be really weird for me to go there on my own.

Tristan M said...

Good looking roster. You have their play style correct, you need to "hold your own" at what their strengths are and beat them where they are weak.

I would skip dirty player if you only have 11 players - you really can't afford to foul a lot - only on really worthwhile pieces (ie. their block big guys) which just means it won't be used as much. Without any mighty blow you may be overly tempted to use it as it's the only way to get the +1.

I see why you like 2x frenzy instead of 1 mighty blow, however can I suggest you take a positional skill on the lineman instead of dirty player. Either take Fend and keep your cheerleader or take Stand Firm or Side Step as a doubles. With 2 pieces like that (including the catcher w SS) you can really control the sidelines with your frenzy. My preference then would be Stand Firm so you have one of each of the better positional skills (Fend is more about protecting the piece with Fend than protecting other pieces)

regardless, good luck man!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all! Happy for the feedback and well-wishes! :)

Michael: that suits me just right: I get the most enjoyment out of playing something fun and looking at the minis I'm proud of for how they turned out.

Commissar: You have excellent taste!

Paul: Guard helped a lot. Always a great skill.

Pickleope: I can relate. I grew up in southern California, spent most of my childhood about 20 minutes away from Disneyland, so I went there a lot. Guess it's still in my mind since the Jungle Cruise came right to the front of the line for ideas for this!

Tristan: I kept Dirty Player, mostly for the theme of it, and doubted the wisdom after the first game when I didn't foul once, but by the end of the day I was very glad I had it! ;) But that's all I'll say until it comes up in the Game Report in question ;)

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