Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl: first team of 2012

Started in December, but final touches for this team was in January, so it's the first team of 2012.

Chaos Dwarves have so great potential for using various miniatures, you could really explore a lot of themes with them.

The first Chaos dwarf team I painted was .. a long time ago, maybe 1997? It was the GW team and one of the first times I'd painted yellow as a major color: the cloth was bisected red & yellow, painted for a friend.
I began that team thinking I hated yellow and came away from it feeling like I really enjoyed painting yellow: always be open to new things.

The next time I painted Chaos Dwarves was for my Rackham 'Vulcan's Hammers'.
This time it would be Greebo's fun new Chaos dwarves, with the old classic GW hobgoblins.
The client wanted muted black cloth, dull yellow metal armor, and the hobs having some various drab colors, to show their ramshackleness.

These Chaos Dwarves are pretty traditional in their look... I think they come from Khazapersialonnia.

They have those tall hats and ringlet beards...
No, not him... but a lot like him... 

All that armor detail can be a bit of a pain, but when you get into the zen of it, it is pretty fun. 

These have been converted.  Claw is a popular mutation: cuts through heavy armor teams like butter.
Freddy Kruger & Edward Scissorhands has nothing on these two!
Bonus points if you can spot where I got the claws from!

Centaurs! I think these are about the best bull centaur sculpts I've seen. 

And the under-appreciated players.  I think Hobgoblins are gold on a CD team. 
They have agility 3 and decent movement. Sure, they're armor 7 and no skills, but on a team that suffers from lack of rerolls, they make good ball carriers in early league, and good utility players later, with giving them wrestle, kick, sure hands.. 

And the big boy, shown in an earlier update on Minotaurs:

Here is the team in it's entirety:

(click for bigger)

The team now has been placed in the Hall of Fame: page tab at the top of the blog, where I have a collection of all of the teams I have painted. 


Michael Awdry said...

Wow! These are great, such a wonderful colour palette.

Spacejacker said...

awesome looking team , much better than the original CD team from GW.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Another wonderful edition to your hall of fame. I love the colour scheme and the dungeon style basing really sets that off well. Love the figs too- I hat the current GW style, but the older ones are OK. These are superior to all others though.

The claws are inspired - are they GW Terminators lightning claws?

PS The Lad has his eye on a team of these boys now....

Lasgunpacker said...

Mantic ghoul claws?

Anyway, a great looking team.

Bill said...

Very nicely done. The skin tone is inspired.

Brummie said...

Very nice lovelly and very characterful. The claws I was going to say from from various Terminator's.

I'm sure I can see some rogue trader termie claws on the left guy the right i'm not so sure maybe Necron

DanJ said...

Fantastic :)

Excellent work all round - as the client I'm ecstatic with the results.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks very much all!

I agree on the sculpts: I think they do a good job in capturing the feel of the original GW dwarves but a lot more interesting and better poses.

Thanks Bill, I was happy with the skin :)

Thanks again Dan, I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from them!

Interesting guesses on the claws, but no, Dan J, the owner of the team had the idea to use the claws from Morgul, the Skorne Warlock from Hordes... I figured I could make it work, and since Privateer Press does have bits-ordering service, it was possible to try it. I do miss the old GW bitz service... guess now that metal minis are no more, it would be gone now anyway.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

As you saw on my blog I recently won a set of this team, which I'm stoked about as I was considering buying it anyway!

Now I'm in the quandary of colour selection - any ideas you discarded along the way to these ones? I want to avoid the almost cliche red/black scheme most chaos teams have. Not sure I could pull off yellow like you have either.

Also very keen to try some prehensile tail on some Chaos Dwarves - any advice on bits to use?

thanks mate, appreciated!

Laughing Ferret said...

Hey Paul, happy to help.
I wonder how they'd look with discolored metal: you know how sometimes steel gets a blue-black-copper 'burn' discolor to it? That could be interesting. Though if I was to do my own team I might try something like almost black turquoise for cloth & 'lower levels of metal'- with nearly black cloth that goes to turquoise highlights, and then the strips of metal that decorate it, do those in ivory. Probably a darker skin tone like middle eastern or native american.

For tails, you could use skaven tails from the Night Runners kit, or sculpt your own- there is a new device that is 2 pieces of plastic that you 'roll' out ribbed tentacles (looking a lot like rat tails), I've seen it used in person- works fast and easy. You can also get the same effect by rolling a tube of green stuff along the edge of a wood-screw... a little trickier, but a lot cheaper ;) Also, Malifaux has a set of tentacles if you want nice octopus arms for tails.

If you have any more questions just let me know, like I said happy to help & looking forward to seeing what you do with your team!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Thanks for that David. I like the tentacle tail idea - I also have an old spiked ball weapon for a Eic scale Titan- I'll see how that mike fit.

Your colour scheme sounds really intriguing but I must admit I am finding it hard to visualise. Are you suggesting something along the lines of the Dark Elf team pictured here?

But with Ivory strappings? That would look good with muted/grey skin tones

My original idea was to go with the Gaspez figs, but do them in a Greek Hero style style with lots of brass and white but I dont think that suits these figs

Niels P said...

Looks Great :)
Where are the Centaurs from ?

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