Friday, January 20, 2012

Aslan's Asskickers: Team Photos

I wanted to get pictures of the team done & posted before I head off tomorrow for a weekend of visiting friends with attending a Blood Bowl tournament right in the middle of it.  You never know what damage might happen, so photos before someone accidentally knocks over a table or some such seemed a good idea.

One of the minis that was a major driving force in making the team was this one, a 'giant weasel' from Otherworld Miniatures.  A really nice sculpt.  When I saw it, I knew I wanted one, to paint like my greatly missed ferret, who died almost two years ago.  She was concentrated joy, and the inspiration behind the name and logo of my studio.  So the idea for a forest-theme'd 'Narnia Pact' Chaos Pact team seemed right.

  Here she is:

She counts as the Skaven for the team. 

The 'goblin' is a frog, from Splintered Light: 

And the 3rd renegade, the Dark Elf, is an insectile Faerie, from Reaper:

The Big Guys: 

The Elk (Minotaur):

The Bear (Ogre):

The Boar (Troll):

The Fauns (Marauders):

Coach & Tokens:

The Team:
(click for bigger pictures)


Chris said...

These all look great, my favorite has to be the Boar Troll.

Paul O'G said...

A great adaptation of the BB team and wonderfully painted minis - you should be proud! My fav is the Renegade Dark Elf BTW. Good luck in the tounrye and have fun with your friends!

Paul O'G said...

I really like the decals you used for the numbers on the armour too - home made?

Spacejacker said...

Awesome team, and a very nice tribute. My ferret died last May, I had him for 10 years and life just isn't the same without him around.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice to see them in all there glory very nicely done all of them.

Kasper said...

Great looking team! Are the 'shrooms selfmade or bought minis?
all the best,

Alfrik said...

Looks more alive painted than in its first game when they were just ghosts.... :)

Michael Awdry said...

Tremendous Sir, absolutely tremendous! I love them all but if I had to pick a favourite... I suppose, like many I'm drawn to the big guys but it's the bear and the ferret that steal the show. The simplicity and subtleness of the painting for the fur is, well, tremendous!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all for the kind comments!

Spacejacker: Sorry to hear about your ferret: I know how hard that is, they are wonderful animals to share life with. They are really wonderful animals.

Paul: No decals at all actually, all the numbers are hand painted. Maybe I'm odd, but I'm not a fan of decals. To my eye & way of thinking, the precise and perfect form of a decal takes away from the overall painted miniature, since the mini is never going to be perfect: or at least, I've never painted a mini I felt was perfect. I think that doing as close to perfect letters/numbers/icons, by hand results in a better feel for the piece as a whole, avoiding a contrast that a decal would produce. Just my opinion, and art-theory. But I'm quite flattered you thought it was decals!

Kasper: The mushrooms are from Splintered Light, from the Gnome minis. Really fun little minis!

I think it's fun and interesting how many different minis on the team are favorites of different people: no one seems to be getting the most love, which is a good sign. I don't know which is my favorite, the elf is up there, ferret of course, and I like the elk a lot- but that could also be influenced by how well the elk has been playing!

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