Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aslan's Asskickers: Game 2 Report

 Jim: "Welcome back to another night of Blood Bowl!"

Bob: "A great night it should be Jim, both of these teams look like real heavy hitters!"

Jim:  "True Bob, it looks like there is only a few players out there who aren't complete meat-heads!" 

Bob:  "You're right.  Maybe after a few games they can fire those few and get some more muscle on the team."

Jim:  "Yes Bob.. I suppose they could.  This game is between the Narnia Pact Aslan's Asskickers and a Chaos Dwarf team... team name unpronouncable as all chaos dwarf words are.. a mouth full of G's & Th's... not often you see two minotaurs on the same pitch.  I don't know if this is Blood Bowl or a Rodeo!"

Bob: "They better start soon, seeing all that steak has got me hungry..."

Jim:  "Don't get your hopes up Bob, McMurty's has the rights to the meat from any players killed in play... speaking of which, it looks like they're ready to play!"

The Chaos Dwarf line up was pretty standard: 11 players: full dwarves, centaurs & a minotaur with 2 hobgoblins and 2 re-rolls. His 2 players with a starting skill (league rules) were 2 dwarves with guard: a good choice. 

The Chaos Dwarf team lost their first game, and had no gained skills, and since I'd made enough to buy an apothecary after my first game, he had 50k for inducements: he selected a Bloodweiser Babe. 

I won the toss so I elected to receive.  It was perfect blood bowl weather, but with my high fan factor, more of my fans showed up and I got +2 fame for the game. 

All the guard & block had me a bit worried, even with my 3 big guys, since I don't have any skills to back up the strength.  The ball was kicked off the field, so I gave it to a faun who'd made a TD last game: hoping for a skill up this game. On Turn 2 I managed to blitz with my minotaur and push one of his centaurs off the pitch: the crowd greeted him with boots to the back: injured: out for the game.  A punishing start.  

Here is my position right after the Elk (minotaur) pushed the centaur off the field.  Oh yes, I got my team painted! I'll get some good photos of them for an update soon.  The faun with the ball is behind Jennifer Cricket (the Elf) looking for a chance to make a break down the field.

The bear (ogre) is surrounded by dwarves, but at least it's tying a lot of them up.  
The next turn saw the boar (troll) knock out the opponent Minotaur! With 2 of his 3 strength pieces off the field, I started to feel a bit more confident. 

My coach, Mr. Beaver, watches the action, calling plays.  The mushrooms keep track of my re-rolls.
The dwarves knocks my Elk down, and failing to break armor, he fouls him with one of his guards.. risky! The Elk is stunned and the ref is none the wiser.  On turn 6, the boar, Snorts, takes exception to this treatment of his friend the elk and hit the guard dwarf hard- so hard he kills him!

The faun, Mr.Cornelius, was waiting patiently, out of harms way for a few turns, and ran it in for a score when he saw the signal from the coach on turn 8.

The last turn of the first half, with the minotaur not coming back, preferring the company of the Bloodweiser Babe, the chaos dwarves were down to 8 players.  I set up and got a blitz! Nice way to mess things up for their one chance of hitting, and the half ended with another chaos dwarf player in the knock-out box.

The second half and the minotaur & the other stayed in the knock-out box! They take the field with 7 players.
They set up with the minotaur deep, knowing he'd be a target right off the bat otherwise. I kicked and got to reorganize my team!  Nuffle wasn't hiding who he'd placed money on for this game. So it changed from above, to this:

(Notice the placement of the ball: waaaaaay back there. Nice kick)

The Elk blitzed a dwarf and injured him: giving him a concussion: -1 Armor!  The next turn my Elk blitzed again, injuring another dwarf: out for the next game!  This Elk has a serious hatred of dwarves! This was his 3rd casualty of the game. I know many people are afraid of bears in Yosemite, but did you know more people are injured and killed by deer than by bears? This game was proving that to be true.

Most of the action was in the dwarf's backfield, but they could still manage to do some damage to anyone nearby: here the dwarf guard knocks out a faun: the only time a Narnian ever got removed from the field.

I went in after the ball, and surrounded the centaur near it, then ran over with the ferret (skaven) and got the ball.  With his whole team tied up, in desperation he got up and blitzed with his centaur: dodging into 3 tackle zones to hit the ferret: failed the roll, re-roll: fail: broke his armor and out for the game. Ouch! Turn 3 the ferret scored.  There were so few opponents on the pitch, I thought it would just be better to score and take away a chance of an early tie. 

The Minotaur finally decided to come back to play, but by the time he did, this was all that was left of the chaos dwarf team! -The coach was a great sport though, he kept trying to do what he could.

We set up and there was a pitch invasion! The fans couldn't keep their enthusiasm contained! Both teams get 2 players stunned.  This had a more serious effect on the dwarves of course.

The ball landed just inside his line on my right, and the ferret grabbed it.  Escorted by fauns he soon made his second touch down of the night.  With just one more kick, the ball went to the left, I got it with my elf, handed it to the frog (goblin) for the throw-team mate one turn touch down, but seeing what everyone had in mind, Clyde Frog dropped the ball straight away, shaking his head muttering 'no way!' and the game ends 3-0 with a victory for Aslan's Asskickers.

I won 80k, and had 3 skill rolls: standard skill for Minotaur, Skaven & a Marauder.  I did roll a 10 for the Minotaur (unfortunately it was 6&4, not 5&5!) but I think a skill is going to matter more to him than move or armor. He blitzes so often, I'm assuming he'll take Juggernaut.  If the 10 had gone to the skaven.. but it didn't.   The ferret will probably take wrestle, so I have a safety.. the marauder? So many options! I'm going to have to think about that one.

My opponent was a great sport, more so because this really did break his team.  After 2 games he's had only MVP star player points, so no new skills, and with just 10k winnings, his treasury sits at only 30k. With one of his guard-skill dwarves dead, and a hobgoblin and a dwarf missing the next game and another dwarf with -1 armor, he's facing disbanding the team and restarting with a fresh team.

Until next time, polish up your pitch invasion brass knuckles!


Chris said...

You're making me want to start playing Blood Bowl again, and the Asskickers look great by the way.

Axtklinge said...

Those Asskickers are violent or what?!?
Great report and fantastic looking team, congrats!
Mr.Beaver looks very cool too!

By the way, thanks for the "did you know" piece on Deer vs. Bear!

The Angry Lurker said...

It's fun reading.....

Brummie said...

Nice to them with a lick of paint. Sounds like it was a fun game

Dangerous Brian said...

Great play-report. Kudos to your opponent for not extending the hand and playing right to the end.

Michael Awdry said...

Congratulations, a storming win! The team look great painted up and yes please for a full update so we can see them in all there glory.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all! I'm just testing the comments, some friends said they're getting blank pages when trying to comment. So this is a test.

Dan said...

Lookin' good!

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