Bizarre Bazaar

Welcome to the Ferret's den of delights! 

Patrons, please peruse proffered products and purchase what piques your pleasure.

I mostly do commission work, but occasionally I have items for sale, either older items, or just things I felt like painting for fun and speculative sales.

If you're interested in something specific you don't see here, you can visit my commission studio:

You can also find more items for immediate purchase at the studio site's For Sale page.
What is here is just a small sample and the most recently added items.

Prices include US domestic shipping and reduced cost International Shipping.

Contact info can be found at the studio site.  Just let me know if you're interested in something.

Current items for sale:

Bloody Bone Breakers Team: $355

Valkyrie Team: $395

Bandidos including Madre Ortega:
Total for 19 miniature set: $350
More pictures here and here.

Ork Cyboar Bikers: $95

Bloodthirster Demon: $125
Magnetized for 40k (round base) & Fantasy (square base) and Display Base

Ork Looted Vehicle Battlewagon: $175
This set can be a Battlewagon, Looted tank, and Terrain.

The top can be removed and used as a fort, and the side pieces can be used for terrain obstacles. 

More pictures (the first 12) Here


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