Friday, October 4, 2013

Blood Bowl Orcs: A New Team & The Essence of the Game

Of all the teams in Blood Bowl, Orcs are my favorite.

There are a lot of great teams that are fun to play, but Orcs epitomize Blood Bowl.

They have the requisite attitude: the attitude that they'll punch anyone in the face for saying words like requisite.

Orcs love a good scrum, and Blood Bowl tends to devolve into that often.

Orcs can start with 4 players with block and 4 players with strength 4.

They can have a Troll: cheapest of the big guys, bringing strength 5 & mighty blow to the team.

All the orcs except the thrower have armor 9 (as good as it gets for standard players) and the thrower has 8, which is still quite good and better than a lot of ball carriers will have.

And you can still have some goblins on the team, for that sneaky fouling.

With 9 players on the team having strength access this is one of the bashiest teams around, yet they still have a lot of agility 3 so they can dodge, pass & throw if need be, inexpensive players, and access to some nice Star Players.

Plus they're Orcs, and orcs are fun.

So who wouldn't want an Orc team? They're an ideal team for a new player and still offer a lot of different play style potential depending on how you construct your team and skills you select, so veteran players can get a lot of enjoyment from them too.

Yesterday's Troll is now finished, and a team to go with him.  They're for sale, so they'll be at the Bizarre Bazaar until they find a new home town to play for. And they'll be in the Hall of Fame.

Let's take a look:

The Broken Coast Bloody Bone Breakers

Blitzers: the lifeblood of an Orc Team


Black Orcs: the backbone breakers of the Orc Team


Lineorcs: quality players outshone by their amazing teammates


Thrower: Sure Hands: don't leave home without him

Goblins: the sneaky gits


The Troll: as if an Orc team wasn't threatening enough already!

Team Counters: simple but effective: icon & colors to match the team, tokens are a nice touch.

The Team:

(click for larger)

The team is a complete team of 16 players and 4 themed tokens.  Classic black & red which orcs love. 
The team has several miniatures that are now out of production.  One nice advantage is that the team is made of all games workshop miniatures, so if you do attend an event at a GW location (not that they do much of that now, but there are some) this team will be perfectly legal for that environment. 

The team is now in the Bizarre Bazaar for sale, so if you fancy them, they can be yours. 


fireymonkeyboy said...

Orks are up next once my humans are finished. Looking forward to trying them out!


Michael Awdry said...

Now I can just feel the bruises rising already! They certainly look wonderfully mean and the troll is superb!

Scott said...

Great work, simple yet cohesive looking team.

Turms said...

You're absolutely right: Orcs are the meat and potatoes of Blood Bowl. Planing on running a little newbie boot camp for wanna-be BB players, and if they are in doubt what team to choose I always say: "orcs".

Ormus said...

I like the "hand off"-thrower (and I did that too for the team I am just completing now), but I am just not a fan of the pose for the black orcs.

The linemen are excellent. Easy, but ticking all the boxes. Kudos.

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