Sunday, October 13, 2013

Skeleton with a Chainsaw. Need I Say More?

I know, Zombies are the hotness, but I've always preferred Skeletons.  Skeletons just have more style.
It's probably because I saw Jason & The Argonauts as a kid in the theater, and Harryhausen's Skeletons were amazing. Zombies are fun.. I did watch the season premiere of Walking Dead just now, but my vote still goes to Skeletons.

And what's cooler than a Skeleton?  A Skeleton with a chainsaw!

Luckily, there is a Blood Bowl Star Player that is a Skeleton with a Chainsaw!
Hack Enslash.

He's probably not the best Chainsaw Star Player... not by a long shot, though he does have side step which is interesting. But any Chainsaw wielder is worth fielding.

So when I remembered that I did have another resin goblin skeleton from the Titan Forge set, I decided my Ingolstadt Immortals should have another Star Player!

This Goblin Skeleton has a more elaborate helmet, with a bat crest, which I didn't favor compared to the bare skull skeletons, so I originally skipped using him, figuring I didn't need more than 6 linemenish players.

Plus, his arm was heavily integrated with a thick shield and I didn't want to do the work ;)  But deciding on the Chainsaw Star Skellie meant that a fancy helmet was appropriate, and I'd just have to deal with the extra arm carving.

So here is the conversion:


So if the team needs a star and can't afford Count Luthorc VonDrakenborc they'll know where to turn.


Simon Quinton said...

He looks excellent well worth the effort of chopping the shield down.

Francis Lee said...

Ever since Clash of the Titans who doesn't like skeletons, nice work!

Michael Awdry said...

Oh yes, it doesn't get cooler than that!

Jay said...

Very good conversion. Funny stuff.

Ptr said...

Very nice work. Inspirational!!!

fireymonkeyboy said...

Is that a Husky or a Stihl?


Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :)

He's now painted.

FMB.. hmm.. maybe a Squiggy?

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