Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dungeon Dwellers Blood Bowl Team : Do You Dare Delve Where Darkness Dwells?

The Dungeon Dwellers Chaos Pact Blood Bowl team is finished and ready to fly off to Europe.

A client of mine is planning to attend the Dungeon Bowl Blood Bowl tournament in Dusseldorf Germany next year.  I went this year, and had a great time.  The only potential snag for it though is that since it is held in a Games Workshop location, only GW minis are allowed. Setting aside all the feelings that tends to bring up, the biggest problem was he didn't have a team with GW minis!  Yes, GW has let their interest in Blood Bowl wane to the point that it's more likely people will have teams made of other miniatures than of GW.  So he needed a legal team.

But not just any team.  The last Blood Bowl minis GW produced was near around 15 years ago?  So a lot of people have the GW teams, or at least have seen them, and often, for the last 20 years. He wanted something unique. We tossed some ideas around, and then it struck me that since this was the Dungeon Bowl, what about a team that is defending the dungeon?  It is their home.  This lead to some ideas that finally settled into a 'dark, sinister dungeon dwellers with a bit of disturbing tech': the Dark Eldar line being ideal and the Chaos Pact roster, with a variety of monsters being the ideal vector to bring them to life.

So on to the team!

The big draw of a Chaos Pact team is its three big guys!

Ogre                                    Minotaur                                           Troll

The Dark Eldar Talos kit came with a lot of extras to donate to his buddies.

Next is the three small fellows, the Renegades:

Goblin                                      Skaven                              Dark Elf

They are just linemen on their respected teams, but out of that element and working together they are special.
The Skaven's armor seemed to go very well with the aesthetic of the Dark Eldar.

Then there are the Chaos Marauders:

Something 'Hellraiser' about the style of these guys.  
Since Marauders can have mutations, I gave them a lot: 2 Claws, Big hand, 2 Tentacles...

& more..

more mutations: Extra Arms, 2 Extra Heads, and 2 without mutations.

And a couple Star Players for the team: 

Ugroth (Chainsaw) & Dribblesnot (Bomber)

The weapons have a different look to fit the theme: a chain-whip sword for a chainsaw, and a goblin throwing a big bouncing trap jaw for a bomb. 

The Staff: 

Apothecary                                            Coach                                    Cheerleader

Re-roll tokens: Bronze for leader, iron for regular

And the team together: 

(click for larger)

I hope they have fun at the Dungeon Bowl next year. 
Maybe they'll have the luck of 'Home Field Advantage'!


fireymonkeyboy said...

To be honest, they're a little creepy. Time to break out the sharp probes.


Simon Quinton said...

Very cool themed team. Obviously masterminded by some crazy Gnome inventor :P

Michael Awdry said...

Outstanding although I'm not sure what I fear must the the denizens of the dungeon or the twisted mind that created them? ;)

Francis Lee said...

Now that's nothing less than genius, pure genius!

Bill said...

That's fun. I imagine it's going to be very difficult to put that one in the mail. Congratulations.

Sean said...

Another awesome looking team. I am surprised that there could even be a tournament with the GW restriction these days. It also surprised me that these were all regulation minis.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :)

FMB: Thanks! For these guys creepy is a compliment

Simon: yes, this could be a fiendish gnome plot ;)

Michael: maybe both, just to be prudent? ;)

Fran: High praise, thank you :)

Bill: Yeah, this was a 'try not to think about it' as I packed them for transport. I'm sure I'd have been happy to see them stay ;)

Sean: Not many tournaments at GW locations anymore, but since this is one, they enforce that restriction. And thanks, the goal of this was to make a 'GW-legal' team that had an overall look that was very different than what a GW Blood Bowl team would look like. But they're all GW, down to the last bit, other than the tokens which being all scratch-built is legal still.

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