Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Porksburgh Squealers: The Most Pigskin in Blood Bowl

There is one reasons fans flock to Pig Pen Stadium: the bacon-wrapped pork sausages! And the bacon-grease hot shakes.  Ok, TWO, two reasons fans flock to Pig pen Stadium: The bacon-wrapped porkages, hot bacon grease shakes and bacon cream puffs with bacon-bits...THREE, three reasons fans flock to Pig Pen Stadium.  And in between trips to the concession stand, they glance at the game.

The Squealers are the only team in Blood Bowl comprised of bipedal pigmen.
How do they feel about the bacon laden items sold at the stadium? They say it is De-licious.
Well, they are pigs

OK, my client who commissioned these pigs says he hates the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I couldn't resist the name... not being a fan of any football team, I naturally have no teams I dislike (there is no other side of a coin when you don't hold any coin) so I am running with the name anyway, because I like it ;)

My second choice of team name was "Hogwashington Porkskins" but I like "Squealers" just a bit more, since I can imagine the fans cheering with a rousing loud "squeeeeal" to cheer their team.

The team is a "not-Orc" team.. a 'Pork' team?  Why not.

On to the team:

Line Pigs

I love the one in the center.. so cute! With his boxing gloves & padded pillows belt.

Pork Blitzers

Black Pork Blockers

Throwers & Piglets

The Team, click for larger, they now join the Hall of Fame (tab at the top of the blog)

A very fun team to paint, I enjoyed them.  


Simon Quinton said...

What an ace looking team. Very nicely painted LF! Both names are equally clever!

styx said...

Great looking team! I hope they bring home the bacon otherwise they will be working for pork bellies! If they fail, they may be known as the Chitlins!

Francis Lee said...

Excellent team of pigs especially those blockers, are there ladies in the team or were those moobs?

Anne O'Leary said...

They're so fugly they're cute!!

I liked your Pythonesque opening. No one ever expects the Porksburgh Squeelers!

Don Hans said...

Really cool - LOL!

Michael Awdry said...

Oh wonderful work! Love these Sir.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all, glad you liked them :)

They were a lot of fun to paint, I really enjoyed the rich red.

Fran: I am not sure, I wondered the same thing. I prefer to think of them as the really big sows.

Anne: I've watched so much Monty Python... I think after a time it becomes infused in your d.n.a. and it no longer counts as plagiarism :)

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