Monday, October 7, 2013

Blood Bowl Apothecary: A Conversion & Stock Up On Apples!

All Blood Bowl teams other than the undead ones, can hire apothecaries.
Apothecaries have a chance of healing an injured player in the course of the game, which can be very useful.
Then again, the doctor's efforts may be lethal, and you simply fall back on the lesser injury.

Many teams in a tournament have the dilemma of choosing between hiring an apothecary and an extra lineman.  That can be a tough call. One the one hand, an extra lineman is a guaranteed extra body to take the field.  But on the other hand, if the apothecary roll is good, or if (50% chance) the injury was only a basic 'badly hurt' the apothecary can bring a much more skilled and important player back to play.

My own feeling is I'd usually prefer the apothecary, if I do have expensive skilled players, especially those with low armor.  Plus, if you've had no need for his services for injuries and it's late in the game, likely the last drive, you can use him on a knocked out result, and leave the player just stunned on the pitch, ready to play again after a turn on the ground: very valuable.

Here is an apothecary I converted for a client's project. I really wish this miniature was sold individually, I'd buy a bunch and convert a lot of these!  This is a doctor I'd be very unhappy to see preparing to operate on me!  I'd eat an apple tree to keep this doctor away.

He started life as a Gnoblar Trapper.  But he's traded his big mallet in,after having completed his correspondence courses in anatomy and home surgery. And by 'completed his courses' I mean he opened the box of surgical tools and headed out to the stadium to look for a job! 

This is going to be a very fun team. Stay tuned for more.



M R Lee said...

I love this model, and look forward to the team he is associated with :)

Simon Quinton said...

Cool looking little character. Can't wait to see him with a lick of paint.

Michael Awdry said...

Now that would make your eyes water!

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