Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Ingolstadt Immortals : My Latest Blood Bowl Team: Undead/Necromantic Orcs!

Victorc Frankenstein was a dok of notable potential.  His father, a famous dok of the badlands, and wealthy beyond reason, for he withdrew many more teef than other doks, could see that young Victorc could become a dok of even greater skill and fame than himself.  So of course he decided to kill his son.

Victorc was no fool.  He escaped in the night with a large bag of toolz and a hefty bag of teef and set out to the city of Ingolstadt to enroll in the University.  The University dean was a Vampire of exceptional power and skill: a master of unlife. The University had students from many powerful families, mostly from Naggaroth and the less reputable families of the Empire. They had never had an Orc enroll before, as Orcs don't read.

But Victorc was not about to let something like that get in his way.  When the advanced anatomy class met the next night, the class found Victorc already there, along with a dark elf noble,who had voiced strong criticism of Victorc being granted admission.  The elf voiced no such concerns now however, as his mouth was missing, being sewn over with his own skin and a skaven's arm sewn beneath one of his own, apparently all working fine.  Victorc was admitted to the University.

In his second year Victorc tried out for the University Blood Bowl team.  He was an accomplished thrower and enjoyed having control over the plays, directing the flow of the team.  He worked long into the night perfecting the skills of necromancy and after graduation recruited orcs and goblins from the local marauding tribes to form a Blood Bowl team, The Ingolstadt Invaders, for the regional league.

Unfortunately, Victorc found that orcs & goblins, generally speaking, are frustratingly stupid and stubborn.  Worse still, they expected to get paid, whether they won or not!  Mid-season he held a celebratory feast for the team, where he poisoned them all. In the week that followed he used his medical knowledge and sorcery to rebuild his team, more befitting his grand design.

He changed the team name to The Ingolstadt Immortals, tore up the now unneeded player contracts and set about to make his fortune.


Victorc Frankenstein gloats before a match

The Ingolstadt Immortals (+1 orc tooth for knowing why that city) may look a bit like an Orc team, but they are a combo team that can be either Undead or Necromantic.  Those teams share a lot of players, but have some differences.  Undead have 2 mummies where Necro has 2 flesh golems.  Undead can have 4 ghouls, Necro only 2.  Undead linechumps can be zombies or skeletons, Necro are only zombies, and Necromantic can have 2 werewolves and Undead can not have any. 

Let's see the team:

The coach, Victorc Frankenstein.  I will use this as my turn marker. 

Cheerleader (lost an arm from vigorous cheering) will be used for score marker, and graves as re-rolls.

The Wights: skeletal orcs.

Mummies / Flesh Golems.  
I won't mind using these as mummies: easily big enough for Strength 5, even bigger than Willy Mummies!

Ghouls: Ghostly Goblins.

Werewolves: Why should it always be humans turning into wolves? Why not Orcs?

Zombies: Reanimated Goblins. 
The nice thing about zombie goblins: stronger than mortal goblins! The bad thing: all that decaying flesh prevents them from their spry dodging. But, they don't need to be fed or paid! 

Skeletons: Zombie Goblins past their prime can have their remaining flesh boiled away.
They're a little easier to damage this way, but they pick up more speed without the dead weight.

A friend of Victorc, the Orc Vampire, Count Luthorc Von Drakenborc sometimes plays for the team.

It's always nice to have a likely star player to make a team feel more 'complete'.

The team: click for larger

The Ingolstadt Immortals

The team will now join The Hall of Fame (tab at the top of the blog) and get me 2 teams closer to my goal of having all 24 teams! 

Undead are considered one of the better teams in Blood Bowl, and Necromantic have a lot of flexibility of play style, so I'm sure I'll enjoy them.  I wasn't that excited about the theme of Undead until I thought of the undead orc concept.. orcs are always fun theme. 

Thanks for looking!



James Brewerton said...

Great stuff cus the only good Orc is a dead Orc
Peace James

Tomsche said...

Great looking team, I especcially liked, for some odd reason, those ghostly gobbo's, can't say why...

Tim Kulinski said...

Wow, just wow! I have been wanting to do an Undead team and had thought of this idea, but dang it, you beat me to it!

Great work man, this would be a team I would love to own and play against!

M R Lee said...

Nice work here... love the theme indeed and agreed.. can never go wrong with Orcs!

Odie said...

So much character in this team - great job!

Simon Quinton said...

Brilliant those Wight Orcs are ace where did you dig those up from?

Kasper said...

Another brilliant team. Great paint jobs and conversions - I do wonder how the doc manages to keep his white shirt so free of blood?
All the best,

Anne O'Leary said...

Absolutely brilliant Ferret!

Ormus said...

Great stuff. I worked on a similar project, but you beat me to it with gusto.

If I have to say anything negative, it's that I don't like the wolves. They look a bit too alike for me, but hey, to each his own, and they aren't a major letdown either.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :D

James: them's fighting words! ;)

Tomsche: thanks, I like them too.. something about how simple they are appeals to me

Tim: Thanks! I've been thinking of this team for a long time as well. I did the conversions many months ago but finally got around to the painting.

MrLee: Orcs are always fun ;)

Odie: Thanks! Undead didn't appeal to me much, since they didn't seem to have much character, but orcs ooze character, so this was the right theme for an undead team that would inspire me

Simon: all the minis except for the wolves are from Titan Forge. They're resin, so for some it was a real chore to carve the weapons & shields from hands.

Kasper: Thanks :) I am still debating giving Victorc a blood stained shirt or not. Haven't decided. It could be before the game starts, and he is a refined fellow to some degree. I usually don't go for a lot of messy blood,but we'll see.

Anne: Thanks!

Ormus: The slight different pose & different fur colors are enough difference for me. The wolves were nearly an after thought, since I built the team as Undead only, since I have another team for Necro built, but then I figured why not go combo since it's only 2 inexpensive minis. I almost ordered the Titan Forge orc werewolves.. but they look very large and 25euro for a set,while these were $3 for the pair.. wasn't a tough call since the team was pricey enough to gather already ;)

Tristan M said...

totally brilliant!!

just think you should have made some orc "wights" as throwers and 2 more of the golem/mummies so it could be khemri too!

Mattias Darrow said...

Yet another amazing team. I love watching you crank these out, and the rate at which you do it is astounding.

I may have asked this before, but what do you use to write your numbers? I'm starting to feel that my method for painting them is not so neat as I would like.

Laughing Ferret said...

Tristan: Thanks, flattered! :) Khemri: not a bad idea. I may have to add some at some point ;) but I do have a 'classic khemri' theme team I made, sourced from a lot of different companies & some conversions for line skeletons I'm proud of, so Khemri will have their own team anyway.

Mattias: Thanks! Numbers I use a paint brush ;) I know some people like transfers, stickers, or little plastic or brass numbers, but I've always preferred hand painted over transfers and such, even if less perfect it looks 'more right' to my eye. a laser-perfect number on an otherwise not perfect draws the eyes to that detail too much, and nothing wrong with a bit of imperfection if it works with the whole better. like an expensive chandelier in a log cabin: just looks odd, so I just use a precise quality brush and do it by hand.

Mattias Darrow said...

Dang. You're paintbrush must be better than mine. I bow to you sir(._.)

My current method is to paint a section of the base in white and then to block out all the parts that aren't the number in black. At best it can look reasonably slick, but at worst, it can be blobby and inconsistent.

I was hoping for an answer like "oh, I use a magic white sharpie, its cake!" Oh well. Just have to get better at freehanding.

I do agree that the homemade touch is nice though. I have to say I heartily dislike the little plastic jobs.

Laughing Ferret said...

Sometimes I paint numbers in negative, but not in that way.. I'll paint an area with one of the team colors then paint the number in black, but it's the same way for the number: just freehand brush.

yeah, the little plastic numbers look too thick and draw the eye too much. I want numbers to be clear if you're looking for them, but not be the first thing your eye snaps to, otherwise what's the point of the mini? ;)

fireymonkeyboy said...

You've got to give us the run-down on figs and conversions for this. Terrific stuff!


Sean said...

Great team theme, and an excellent project for Orctober.

Laughing Ferret said...

FMB: Thanks! The werewolves process was in the previous update, all the rest are Titan Forge minis: undead fantasy orcs & goblins. the ghosts & zombies I made simple 'soft leather' type shoulder pads. the big frankengolems I made shoulder pads to mimic the style the wights had. all minis had to have weapons & shields carves away. these are resin minis, so that is a tricky & slow process. the frankengolems had big leather wings under their arms, so all of that had to be removed. The vampire came with the column, which I gave to the coach, and just didn't use the vampire cloak, and removed his weapons. Cheerleader is just a zombie I sculpted pom-poms for.

Thanks Sean! I almost held showing the team until Halloween, but couldn't wait.

Wakoun said...

I'm sure Mary Shelley cheered for this team as she visited the city...
Nice theme and brilliant execution, not so keen on the ghosts as ghouls aspect though, but hey, that works!

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