Thursday, October 3, 2013

Everyone Needs a Troll: Quick Conversion for Blood Bowl Troll

If your Blood Bowl team can have a troll you are mad not to take it!

110k for a Big Guy? OK, he is really stupid, but at 110k it would also be really stupid not to take him!

That's the cost of a Witch Elf, Elf Blitzer or Flesh Golem, but he's Strength 5! He can throw team mate, which means, you're going to have a goblin. and the Troll & Goblin combo is only the cost of a Minotaur.

Trolls are fun. They can soak up several players' blocks, regenerate, break armor with mighty blow and have the threat of a 1 turn touch down by throwing a goblin with the ball. Plus they might eat the goblin, and that kind of silly fun should never be passed up.

So it's settled: you need a Troll.

You can use a dedicated Blood Bowl troll, but there are other options.

I turned my attention to a neglected Orc team I'd started long time back, and then set aside when I couldn't resist buying a team of the old 2nd edition orcs which became my Badland Bronze Boars.

So I'll be finishing the other Orc team for direct sales, which I've now made a page on this blog for, tab at the top: Bizarre Bazaar.  I've always had a 'for sale' page on the studio site, but now I'll have one here as well.

That way, I won't have to worry about an update with a for-sale item, like yesterday's Vinland Valkyries being buried, and can feel free to keep updating.

So the team needed a Troll.  The one it had I decided to keep and paint up as a potential Star Player for the Boars.  Looking around I found I had an old fantasy Troll. One like this:

But a bit older I think, because the hammer was different, and he has a bell instead of the skull and more earrings. 

Conversion: Cut the weapon from his hands. Angle the raised fist up and the arm up so he has more of a 'threatening to punch you' pose. Angle both feet in, pigeon-toed, so he fits better on the base and looks more awkward. The sculpt some armor: a knee pad, elbow pad, shoulder pad & helmet. 

Like so: 

The only problem is, now that he has some paint on him, and he's looking at me on the painting desk, saying "keep me... I'll play good for ya, I promise"  I'm tempted to find another troll for this orc team.

After all, I don't have a Goblin team yet, and I have plans for a 'classic goblin & troll' team (I've considered several different re-skinning themes for goblins but think I do want basic goblins) and this troll would be great for them... but must resist right?

Because the Orcs Need a Troll. 


Andrew Saunders said...

Resistance is futile you really need your own Troll :)

Simon Quinton said...

Very nice he looks indeed. I think you are correct there was possibly two releases of this troll

Michael Awdry said...

Nicely done Sir!

Lasgunpacker said...

I love those stone trolls... wish they had a lovely plastic box instead of the "finecast-for-a-kidney" price.

Clint said...

Although I don't play Blood bowl strangely I am now thinking of getting one. I can see a Mexican Bandit themed team with sombreros and ponchos in my future.... what am I thinking off this is pure madness.

Wakoun said...

I indeed remember an older version of this troll, good old pewter times...
In case you didn't know, Goblin Forge had a nice small range of characterful fantasy football goblins. Hopefully they will come back online soon.

First comment on your site that I discovered not long ago, and I enjoy your work. There's a lot of inspiration and motivation. Thanks!

Warlord Paul said...

I played Blood Bowl tonight with my Orc team and Nurk No-Brain (my Troll) never failed his stupidity roll once all game. My lads ran out 2-1 winners thanks largely to Nurk slapping my opponents Ogre silly, up and down the pitch. I love my Troll.

Scott said...

He looks great!

Always had a 'soft spot' for trolls... I think ever since as a young kid... I still remember my dad reading 3 bill goats gruff to me; "I'm a troll, fol-de-rol", and that was 40 years ago... funny what you remember!

Have fun with your troll!

Bill said...

Trolls are special. Remember the 2nd edition Snotling teams. You could have something like 4 trolls and a load of Snotlings, up to 16 characters on the pitch I beleieve. None of those pansy ogres. That was fun to play. Best p
\art no loner rule and you could buy off really stupid.

DeanM said...

Awesome brushwork, as always. Best, Dean

Anne O'Leary said...

He looks cute pigeon-toed like that:)

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all, nice to see so many who appreciate trolls :)

Andrew: at least one!

Simon & Michael: Thanks!

Lasgunpacker: I'd love a nice multi-part plastic kit of trolls in this style. I can just imagine all the things I'd do!

Clint: sounds like a fun team! go for it :)

Wakoun: Thank you and welcome :)

Warlord Paul: Wow, I wish I had that kind of luck!

Scott: thanks, I did. He's all finished now, should update with the team tomorrow.

Bill: wish the rules were still like that, I'd love to play that team

Dean: thanks, though that's the gw painted example, just my knife & sculpting tool here so far ;) stay tuned for the painting tomorrow

Anne: I think he has to pee ;)

Alfrik said...

OMG I will have to dig through the archive and locate my blood bowl teams....

Talarius said...

Hmm... I have a unit of 3 of these guys. Now I have to decide whether to keep them for my Goblin army, convert for my own Goblin team (excellent idea) or tempt you with them. ;-)

Laughing Ferret said...

Alan: Blood Bowl should be within arms reach at all times ;)

Talarius: sounds like an easy choice to me 0;)

Turms said...

Great BB conversion, again!
Missing his hammer the pose becomes very dynamic - I like it a lot!

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