Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Abydon Despoilers : Khemri Blood Bowl Team

The latest team to join The Hall of Fame, where all the past Blood Bowl teams reside..

The Abydon Despoilers.

This isn't my team, unfortunately. It is a commissioned project.
I am quite happy with the result and it has me looking forward to painting my own Khemri team.
There is just something very pleasing to me about the theme, colors and style of the Egyptian Undead.

Khemri is one of the most challenging teams in Blood Bowl.  They probably rank there with Vampires and the Stunty teams for playability.  No players with better than Agility 2 is a big sign that this is a hard team to play: even the ball carriers are only agility 2, which on most teams means you'd not even consider giving them the ball.  The team does have access to four mummies... hard to turn your nose up at four strength 5 players, but they start with no useful skills and suffer from 'decay' which means they get 2 injuries for every one they receive: ouch.

I'm in the camp that believe the Khemri deserve a revision.  Probably not the four Mighty Blow Mummies they had before, but maybe giving the Throw-ra's Agility 3, and Agility Access skills on standard rolls might be in order too.  Blitz-ra's should go down in cost to 80k, there is just no reason they should cost the same as wights when their agility is so poor in comparison.  And remove the Decay skill from Mummies and I think the team would still be challenging, but a more fair construction.

In the meantime, let's take a look at the team!
The whole team is from the Egyptain Undead line from Willy Miniatures, except for the tokens which is a shield from GW Khemri and scratch built scarab beads.

The Mummies

Other than theme, this is probably the most compelling reason to play Khemri: four strength 5 players!
These are very large miniatures.  They're serious hulks.

The Blitz-Ras and Throw-Ras: the workhorses of the team.

Skeletons: the fodder of the team.

Willy Minis really outdid themselves: i love these sculpts.

A set of Tokens: I believe every team should have their own themed tokens.

A team can't complain about having some Star Players to draw on either!

Hack Enslash: A chainsaw is a cheap and devastating inducement. 
Ramtut III: A strength 6 break-tackling, mighty blow Mummy!  Bringing the hurt.
Setekh: Strength 4 block, break tackle, strip-ball: very handy defensive player.

Ramtut is an especially large Mummy... he's nearly the size of an Ogre or Troll, and in fact is bigger than my 2nd edition Orc team's Troll! 

Now that is a frightening looking line up!

You can see how Ramtut towers over the already very large Mummy miniatures. 
To give him the impression of greater age I gave him a darker skin tone and wrappings more moldering and dark. To lighten it back up a bit and make him stand out more I also added polished ivory to his turquoise ornamentation. 

And now the whole team together (click for larger): 

The Abydon Despoilers

I tried, but I can't resist...



Simon Quinton said...

Its a great looking team for sure. The mummies are superb sculpts.

Mr Saturday said...

That's a great looking team. I do like Khemri despite the downfalls of the team. Hmm. Willy miniatures you say?

Barks said...

I really like the contrast between the vibrant electric blue and the dusty bandages. I should really re-do mine at some stage...

I'm a fan of the Ag2 across the board. It forces you to play ultra-conservatively, and makes Ag3 so so good when you go back to other teams. Don't know how to fix the mummies, though.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Simon :) The mummies are nice, I have the mummies for my Khemri team, though the other minis are different.

Mr. Saturday: Thanks :) Yes, just google willy miniatures. Impact carry some of them, and Willy Minis sells direct from their blog.

Barks: thank you. I can see the thematic appeal of agility 2 across the team, but I so often fail to pick up the ball with sure hands agility 3 throwers that the idea of doing that with agility 2 sounds hopeless ;) but maybe it is just my dice rolling. I think the mummies would be fine just by removing decay. though I think it'd be interesting to reduce the Blitz-Ra cost by 10k, keeping them the same, and increase Mummy cost by 10k but start them with grab.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

What a fantastic team! I love those Willy miniatures too, but they came out immediately after I had finished my Chinese themed alternative Khemri team, the Terracotta Tearers. Those colours are fantastic too.

I played my Tearers at the Eucalyptus Bowl tourney last year in Sydney and they were a very different team to coach from my usual style. I walked away with a prize, but I was exhausted and covered in sweat by the end! I agree - the Decay has to go of the Tomb Guardians. The lack of AG is certainly a challenge but is one of the charms of the team and very thematic. Its definitely a team you have to plan to fail with!

Scott said...

Brilliant paint job. Your client will be well pleased!

Turms said...

Great looking team!

Inspirational work all around, excellent paint job does justice to these nice sculpts. Theme carried thru the turn and re-roll markers is really icing on the cake.

DeanM said...

Beautifully painted - the mummies' wrapping are particularly well executed. Best, Dean

fireymonkeyboy said...

Love that blue, really pops out against the more earthy tones.


Tristan M said...

Khemri are meant to be a more challenging team to play - hence their weaker pieces.

What no Ithaca Benoin? That's a star player that can really change the way they play.

Michael Awdry said...

Wow, I just love the colours.

uniteallaction said...

As always absolutely fantastic, I especially like the sand basis.

Laughing Ferret said...

Paul: thanks! and your terracotta team is awesome, such a fun theme. it's always the risk: make a team & then new options come up later or new ideas.. it's why I may end up with more than 24 teams ;)

Thanks Scott!

Turms: thanks :) I had considered getting scarab beads for my Khemri team, then when this commission came along I remembered the idea and just figured I'd make them myself- not hard & less expensive.

Thanks Dean.. all those wrappings took some time ;)

FMB: Thank you! The bright seems to help 'blood bowl them up' for such old dusty & tarnished players ;)

Tristan: I can respect that, just think maybe they got hit with the nerf bat a bit too much. they'd still be a challenge even if a little better. Or maybe I know how badly my ball handling efforts go even with agility 3 ;) He wanted the 3 stars that are here, no Ithaca.. I suspect this team is focusing on inflicting pain.

Thanks Michael :)

Unite: I'm liking the sand too.. makes me want to get a khemri themed sand pitch for when I make my team.

I think you guys are probably right: agility 2 should probably be kept, if only because it would be too much if a thrower got an agility boost and was agility 4. but I'm noticing here, TFF & twitter people saying 'what no Ithaca?' which means they would want more ball-handling potential too.. if that is the go-to star, then maybe the team should just have a shot at semi-competent ball handling on their own, I don't know. Maybe give Throwers Agility & Passing access instead of General ?

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