Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bio-Mechanical Beastie : guess the project round three

You've seen a Troll with a mechanical arm.
You've seen an Ogre with mechanical tentacles.

This beast is more machine than animal, having just some flesh showing within it's metal mass.

What is he? 

(click for larger)

What is his purpose? How does he fit in with the other two?

There have been some close guesses so far, but the exact project remains elusive.


Pryn said...

Too easy, innit? ;)
We're looking at a new (and very exciting) Blood Bowl Chaos Pact project!

Michael Awdry said...


Odie said...

Looks like a Dark Eldar-inspired Chaos Pact team

This figure would be the minotaur?

fireymonkeyboy said...

No idea what the project is, but I'm loving your work with the metallics.


Simon Quinton said...

I told ya its Gnomes! Great miniature and paintjob!

Laughing Ferret said...

Right you are Pryn! Sorry Simon ;)

This is the 3rd Big Guy, the Minotaur, for a Chaos Pact team, with a team of 'dark sinister dungeon dwellers'. More on that later...

The team is finished, just waiting on more bases to arrive to base the whole team up, paint those and so finish them.

Thanks Michael!

Odie: yes, there are a lot of Dark Eldar used for the team.

Thanks FMB!

Thanks Simon, maybe there is a dark-gnome mastermind funding the team ;)

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