Thursday, October 17, 2013

Captain Vok of the PCP Starship Drowsy Wombat reqs a New Scamp-About

When news hit that Captain Vok had req'ed a new Scamp-About, the media net went into overdrive.
Headlines like "Captain Vok wrecks a new scouting vessel within days of his latest court marshal trial, which he only escaped punishment from by the oddest of technicalities".

"Leave it to Coyote News to muck up my good name again," growled Vok

"Don't blame me," spurted Bvill, "I told them we'd req'ed for a new scamper, not my fault they assumed I meant wrecked."

Vyoop bubbled to herself.

"They were right about the odd technicality though." began Bvill.  "I mean.. Admiralty Prosecutor Nyai did have a great aunt who was accidentally killed by your grandfather.  Some kind of farming.. accident?"

Vok shot Bvill a look that said 'shut it'.

"Well, no matter.  I'm cleared for duty again and we'll have a new scamper soon, ready for our next long range mission.  I can't wait to get out among the stars again!"

Vyoop bubbled again.

"And the Admiralty can't wait for you to go too." smirked Bvill.


I've tried to resist Kickstarters lately, with my recent increased expenses and knowing that I have enough All Quiet On the Martian Front arriving about the end of the year to require a dedicated UPS truck just for me.

But then I saw Bombshell Miniatures new 'Scout Ship'.  Well, one small Kickstarter won't hurt right?

Seriously, this thing is soo very cool.  And the aesthetic is ideal for the Crew of the Pangalactic Confederation of Planets starship Drowsy Wombat.  Captain Vok and his crew will be very pleased.

The crew are a collection of pulpy sci-fi that I was using for Empire of the Dead last year.
You can refresh your memory or find them for the first time, begining here: Captain Vok & Crew.
I also made a new search tag for them, 'PCP'.

So let's see what the Scout Ship Kickstarter looks like.
It only has less than 4 days left by the way. It's a quick-run, and the stretch goals are nice, so jump in soon!

Made to be in scale with typical 28mm miniatures, this is a pretty big ship!

The parts: 
That's a big resin kit :)

Check out the possible extras:
If you're not in the market for a big ship you can also join in for $15 for a crew duo, and then get more minis as add-ons. The Robot Team was previously only available as part of a display set.  They did have a brief sale not long ago where you could buy some of them separately, and I did. They are great robots, very fun, and on the kickstarter, a bit cheaper than they were on sale even. 

The 'alien menace' set by the way, would be great for people into 15mm sci-fi, since they are smaller than man-size creatures. 

Some great stuff for the brave crew of the Drowsy Wombat

And spying 'Neema', Vok might have just found a love interest.  Granted, he's known for dating outside his species almost exclusively.  There was that embarrassing incident on Tangon IV with what turned out to be the equivalent of the inhabitants' coat-rack.. with some species it can be hard to tell between a person and an inanimate object. So maybe it's time he found a woman closer to his own species. 


Francis Lee said...

It does look good and sound quirky!

Ray Rousell said...

There are some really nice figures in the collection.

Scott said...

I had a feeling this might appeal to you. Great to see Captain Vok again!

Certainly has a Traveller / Rogue Trader (as it should have been) feel to it.

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