Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aslan's Asskickers: Game 3 Report

 Jim: "It looks like the lion-loving team is back for another game.

Bob: "That's good Jim! They killed and hurt so many last game, which is what this game is all about."

Jim: "True Bob, you could say, they left their opponents lion-down in the infirmary! 

Bob: "I don't get it."

Jim: "Why am I not surprised? Well they'll have their work cut out for them, they face a rookie team, but one from Norseland... and you know they give as good as they take." 

It looks like we have three new players joining the league, which is excellent.  The Chaos Dwarf team I (de)faced last week did in fact restart, and some others don't have many games, so a good time for new teams to jump in.  I played against a Norse team, and while the coach didn't have any tabletop experience, he's played the Cyanide game enough to understand the game pretty well.  Other than armor, Norse is a very solid & forgiving team to play, so it seemed a good match.  He got over 150k in inducements to help him along, since my team has a good deal of inflated team value already: I've won a lot of cash, so bought an an apothecary.  My Minotaur last time had rolled a 10, and I'd decided I'd take the armor boost.  I'd also had a skilled up skaven & marauder who took wrestle & sure hands respectively. 

The Norse team skipped the Yheti and took 2 werewolves, 2 berzerkers, 2 catchers, a thrower and 4 linemen. He also had 3 rerolls, skill choices: leader and guard, with some cash left to save for an Apothecary. He chose another reroll and a Bloodweiser babe for inducements. 

I got +1 Fame, the weather was nice and I chose to kick, figuring it was nicer to set up first since it was the first time he played in 3-D.  Kick off: Blitz! Oh my.. I didn't plan it... really. He'd set up with a solid front line, not much I could do with it, but it was still favorable for me.  My minotaur spent 3 turns trying to move, and failing his wild animal. I couldn't spare the blitz for him as I needed it to put pressure on his ball carrier, which the mino wasn't anywhere in range of. 

He kept the ball back for a couple turns, and as he got closer I was able to get the ball from him.   I scooped it up with the ferret, and ran to within a turn from scoring, but he was able to get a 1 die blitz and knock her out. Over the next few turns he drove the ball down, in range to score, and I one-die blitzed him: knocked out the ball carrier in return.  I then managed to get the ball with another and make a long pass to my goblin, but the Norse intercepted the ball (despite 2 TZ on him) and so the half ended 0-0.  In the first half however, he killed my Minotaur! My apothecary did the best he could: armor bust.  Guess it's good I chose the armor boost!  It means the mino isn't a complete weak link, but 6 SPP accomplishing nothing, and 30 team value wasted- so I'll be replacing the minotaur as soon as I can afford to buy another... such a shame: a short but impressive career. 

(The skaven are proxy werewolves until he can get a new team)

The second half I received and tried to score fast.  I was losing the block-fest since the Norse have so much of it and enough rerolls to pull of dodging around. I set up to stall it a bit, but with a few Norse in striking distance, one extra turn delay, with risk didn't seem worth it, so I ran it in.  I did manage to get one of his players knocked out, so since I had a marauder on the bench I was now one player up on him. 

I kicked and he made a drive down my right flank. I did a pretty good job tying him up, but he did punch through and get to where just one dodge would free him up to score- which he did.  He also injured my bear..  in return I knocked out 2 more, but I just wasn't rolling injuries. 

With just 2 turns to go, I knew I had a chance to win still, with the throw team mate move: But it'd have to be the troll. First I cleared a path for the troll, but the ball had scattered so far back I had to pass to the goblin, meaning I'd have to try it turn 8. Though in the process of clearing a fawn killed his guard Blitzer!  Ouch! 

He did get a lineman to base the troll, so I blitzed him off and started rolling the dice... Troll stupid? rolled a 2: he's fine.  Hungry? Nope.  Roll for the throw: fumble! argh! reroll? 4+: so try: get's an inaccurate pass... that's ok.  Mark where the aim is: roll for scatter: back to the right (can still make it with a go-for-it)- back to the left (can still make it with 2 go-for-its) just don't scatter 6,7or 8... rolled a 6: back to left, and out of range to score.. roll to stick the landing: landed just fine, but no chance to score.  Game ends in a tie 1-1. Checking the odds: about 5.28% chance of scattering back 3 times out of range. *sigh* ah well, that's Blood Bowl!

End of game, he rolled 10k for cash, so it will be some time before he can buy a replacement blitzer.  I rolled 70k.. The Norse didn't get any skills, but a wolf got MVP and the other was the one who did 2 injuries, so both are close to their first skill. 
For me, my frog (goblin) got the MVP and got an agility boost, and a fawn edged up to his first skill: taking block... maybe boring, but I need more than 1 player with block. 

Until next time... 


Michael Awdry said...

Ouch, that was a bruising encounter! Excuse my ignorance but have you really got to get a new minotuar? Can you not change the number and say it's a new one? Or have I just committed a cardinal sin in Bloodbowl?

Chris said...

No I think he means enough Blood Bowl money not real life money.

Laughing Ferret said...

Chris has it Michael. Could you imagine what a scam that'd be? (not to mention impossible to keep up) If every time a model 'died' you have to buy new models? Not that mini's companies would complain ;)

I won't even need to change the number- I'll just 'fire' the current minotaur, and spend 150k gold from the team's treasury to 'buy a new one'. The problem is that each time a player skills up, the next skill takes more successful actions (star player points) to acquire. So the mino I have 10 SPP currently, so he's 7 pts away from his next skill roll (17 pts) but a brand new one would get a skill roll at 6. The 3rd skill roll doesn't come till 31 SPP. So this one needs 21 SPP more to get to 2 more skills while a fresh one only needs 17. If that wasn't enough, the skill he has, which is +1 armor causes the team's rating to go up, so when I play other teams, it adds to the inducements they get- that'd be fine, but since he now has an armor reduction, having +1 armor & -1 armor is hardly worth carrying team value for. It's not a horrible problem, if another player died, i'd replace them before firing & hiring a minotaur, and if the minotaur got a double's roll (so he could get block) before I have the team cash to replace him, I'd accept it and keep him, since it's pretty rare to get doubles on a big guy.

Michael Awdry said...

Thank you for that; there's clearly a lot more to this Blood Bowl than just racing up and down the pitch crushing all in your way!

Laughing Ferret said...

No problem at all.

-Yeah, there is a lot of strategy to running a team through a league. I can't claim to be the best at it, I'll often make decisions based on sentiment for the player, or blind hope in rolling well for the next skill...but definitely true there's more to think about in managing a team than just the next touchdown

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