Thursday, February 23, 2012

Genestealer Cult Mutants and Lead Painter's League.

Despite the slow-down on updates I've been just as busy this half of the month as before, maybe more so.

I won't have as many updates of progress shots or completed minis because I've decided to try to squeeze into the Lead Painter's League 6 on The Lead Adventure Forum.  This has become one of my favorite minis sites, since it's a good fit for my far-flung eclectic minis interest: there is everything from the ancient world to pulp, fantasy & scifi. Whatever your minis interest might be, they probably have many others with the same interest to share.

I wasn't able to do the paint league challenge last year, just not enough time, but going to try to do it this year, if I get in: they're putting a cap on it at 50 participants and it seems last year they had 70.  The rules of the league are that no mini can have pictures published before the end of the week's vote, only primed pictures at most, not even work in progress.  So some updates will have to wait until I have entered them and their week's entry is up.

I had thought to show some pictures of some of the ones I have planned, but since the bases are painted, that's already too much to show.  So I'll just have to wait.  I figure the 10 weeks of the league will be a good way to get some progress on the many different projects I have waiting in the wings.

Stuff to look forward to:

Old metal Orc Blood Bowl Team
Lord of the Rings
Another Faerie Tale Agent and Squad
Warploque Halflings
Genestealer Cult
& more.

In the meantime, here is a conversion prototype of one of the Genestealer Cult command squad.
The command squad is armed with melta guns, and I wanted to make them more mutated than the rest of the infantry, and in a style that fits the commander: nude and wiry.  I wanted these to be the most like genestealers, but felt the stealer body was too much: so I've used ghouls and added an extra set of limbs: still needs fill & smoothing with green stuff.

Here it is:

And with its mistress:


Chris said...

He's a creepy little git.

styx said...

Very freeky. I have been thinking about the Lead Adventures League challenge also.

Anne said...

Good luck on the challenge and happy painting!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Like the new figs. Looking fwd to seeing the old skool orcs, love those guys!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks! I got the other 3 almost finished today, as well as a good way toward finishing the 10 veterans.

Styx: You should! It seems like a fun challenge and a good way to clear projects you'd want to do anyway.

Thanks Anne!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Paul! The Orcs will be for week one of the challenge, so I'll be allowed to post them up after that week's done, or can see them on the Lead Adventure Forum. Or if I'm not able to squeeze into the first 50 spots of the challenge, they'll be posted sooner ;)

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