Friday, February 17, 2012

Brother Can You Spare A Goblin?

Happens all the time. You're walking downtown when a man down on his luck and sitting on the walk looks up at you, hand outstretched and says "Brother, can you spare a goblin?" My heart goes out, as a man rich in minis, my walk-in safe piled high with elves, monsters and spaceships, dwarves and aliens, what's a single goblin to me?

Sure, I could channel Rand and say 'get a hobby you bum' in misguided belief that apathy creates stronger gamers, and those who can't rise to it aren't worth the dice they'd roll anyway.  But I'm just not built this way; my heart bleeds paint. And so I reach into my pocket and give a goblin or two.

Well Tristan over at the Merry Mayhem News blog, which is situated in Portugal I believe -I do love how thoroughly international the gaming community is- is running a Goblin Potluck of sorts for a friend of his.  This was explained on the last Zlurpcast, but he did tell me it was detailed a bit wrong (much like they thought my 'Aslan's Asskickers' team was 'Asian Asskickers': a typo that lead to some pretty wild conclusions) it isn't that one goblin donation will be chosen to win the team, the team will go to the friend and the winner (chosen randomly from all goblin donations) will get a print of an original piece of Blood Bowl art.  There is also a second prize and some extra prizes for people who get up a work in progress picture posted on their blog or a forum or such before Feb 27th.  And the painted gobling isn't due until April 1st, so you have plenty of time to join the fun and make a Blood Bowl goblin.

If you don't win, what does it cost? The price of a goblin, a little time and some postage, but your goblin will join other goblins from around the world.  Personally I get a big kick out of knowing that I have painted minis in 5 continents: it's just fun.  There's still goblin's to be donated, and I doubt he'd turn away others if they get filled, so check it out here:

Here's my goblin I made, going for a more dynamic running pose, just built from the standard warhammer plastic goblin kit.  Is he running toward the action or the safety of the bench? Hard to say.


Tristan M said...

ROFL, what a great post.. love it!

Looks like a great #8 - great sculpted shoulderpad.

Chris said...

I may have to get in on this.

Anne said...

I saw this title on my blogroll and I laughed so hard, that first paragraph is great. You guys have so much fun, I envy you all your minis.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great to see you onboard - I too am making a donation and look forward to seeing the team all get together!

PsychosisPC said...

Love the pose. Great conversion.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :)

Tristan & Anne: Thanks! I had fun writing the intro to this ;)

Chris: You should!
Paul: Very cool, looking forward to seeing yours!

Psychosis: Thanks, I'm rather pleased with the pose too. Makes me think about doing another goblin team from the plastics- the first team I did with them was long ago- the goblin clowns, and while I am happy with that team, it was before I was confident about cutting up limbs into many parts to repose them in different positions. I think I could get a much more dynamic team now.

AbraxiS said...

This little guy looks frikking great...cant wait to see him done.Thanks for the interest mate.Cheers


Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Abraxis!
I have him painted, I'll post him up soon :)

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