Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Return of the Cult: Wave II of Genestealer Cult Conversions Commences

Converting began this week for the second wave of the Genestealer Cult.

My client who commissioned the army decided on what he'd like to do to expand this already large formidable force, and I'm looking forward to it.  In the final decision a lot of the proposed infantry didn't get drafted after all, but vehicles saw a slight increase.  You can find the rest of the army under the tag 'Genestealer Cult'... there is quite a lot.

I'll be making two heavily mutated characters, they could stand in for platoon leaders, psykers, astropaths, commissars... a nice thing abut an army like this: that nearly pure-strain alien you see could be anything.

There will also be another unit of near-pure genestealer command troops, this time with plasma guns instead of meltas.

And vehicles: many planned: couple more chimeras, couple manticore missile-battery tanks, a couple hydra flak-tanks and three fliers.  The planes I am really looking forward to: have some fairly intensive conversions planned... not as far gone as the center piece I proposed, which would have been absolutely crazy- but can't blame him for deciding no on that one, just the parts for that item would have been over $500, and that is before any work, even opening a box would take place... still would have been glorious... but I'll be trying to make the lesser version pretty damn cool too.

Starting with the infantry, here's the force, just converted & primed at this stage:

Bathalian Drone from Reaper.  I love this mini.. so malicious!
Not converted, but I added to his base, to create some elements the resin bases have, since with the way he's molded he'd have looked terrible on one of those bases. 

Absylonia from Privateer Press for another Genesetealer Cult character.

Plenty of hot plasma to go around! 
I'm really happy with these conversions.  

Notice a bit of mold line still?  Me too.  

*Here's a trick for you: when cleaning & filing a mini, especially plastic, prime white, or -if you like black primer- give it a 'dusting' of white: any missed mold lines are very easy to spot after primer- much more so than on bare plastic.  Trim & file such spots and touch up with a bit of brush-on primer.  You can also add a bit of green stuff at this stage to hit any small gaps missed or use a blade to trim green stuff that overlapped an area which can sometimes look fine until primer brings it out. 
This saves on time & tedium. 

More to come in the near future, so i hope you'll enjoy The Cult

(Couldn't resist this great song) Enjoy!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Love that first fig, the Bathalian Drone in particular - its Cthulhu 'Stealer!

I thought the Stealer Cult Army was some of your best and most inventive army wide work to date. I'm delighted you are getting the chance to expand upon it

Brummie said...

A great start to part 2, Look forward to seeing these vehicles especially the flyers you've teased us with

Anne said...

Most suitably gnarly looking Ferret. So many limbs, so little time!

Love the song. Oh God, I feel old right now!

Spacejacker said...

These look like so much fun to build, great work!

styx said...

Wow, some great work there...

M R Lee said...

Fantastic start to the second batch! And am looking forward to the plane conversions, but would love to have known what the parts of a $500 plane would have been though!

Michael Awdry said...

Oh my goodness they are a bit tasty! Great tip for the mould lines too.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all I appreciate it :)

Paul: It's been one of the most fun armies I've worked on. One of the other army themes I'd suggested (originally he'd just said 'i'd like IG, what ideas do you have?') that wasn't picked I'd consider doing for myself someday- odd, I haven't played 40k in many years but I still get tempted by army ideas!

Brummie: thanks! the fliers will probably show up last, since I'll likely do those conversions last- have to save desert for last you know ;)

Anne: well, what's worse? to be old enough to remember & appreciate The Cult, or not old enough to have had such privileged? I'll happily feel old if that's the cost ;)

Spacejacker: Definitely was fun :) Thanks!

Thanks Styx!

MRLee: thanks my friend! I'll sit on the idea for some time more- I still hold out hope that he might decide to have it made, and if so would like to 'unveil' it as a surprise -hoping hoping.

Thanks Michael :)

Phil Curran said...

It's great to see the work of another Genestealer Cult devotee.

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