Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Underworld: Blood Bowl at Warp Speed

I love the concept of the Underworld Blood Bowl team: so much character!
An uneasy alliance of Skaven, Goblins & Trolls (some of my favorite creatures) united by their love for the addictive & mutagenic properties of warpstone.  It's an odd team, nothing amazing out of the gate to be honest, but with so much potential in it's mutations: can really take the team anywhere you want to go.

My client wanted to use the Privateer Press Dire Troll Mauler as well as the Trollblood whelps for goblins, and emphasize the cavern environment and rockytexture of the trollbloods for something for skaven. I found the Orcnar line from Relics and thought they'd make good Skaven with some conversion, and he agreed.

Pale skin was the intention, being cavern dwellers, with a pale hue of green for the goblinoids and blue for the cavern-skaven mutants. Blind looking white eyes and glowing warpstone crystals would complete the feel.

So let's take a look at the finished team...
Can't resist starting with the big guy himself:  the Warpstone Troll
Tentacle: a very useful mutation for a troll.  I wanted the tentacle to have the impression of all it's Strength 5!
(Click for bigger) 
The Skaven come in three types, 2 players max each:
Blitzers: bulkier than others and #2 could easily count as having 'Claw'

Throwers: I'm sure they wish there were 'warpstone gutter runners' to throw to ;) 

Linemen.  #7 kicking like that might be saying 'I want the 'Fend' skill!'

And on to the Goblins...
Three goblins without mutations, 

and three with mutations: Horns and two with 2 heads. 
Though the whelps set doesn't come with enough poses for all 6 to be unique, with converting, now they are.

And last, every team should have a set of themed tokens, or at least I think so! 
Much better than the original cardboard markers, coins or poker chips. Helps expand the team theme.

And the team all together:
(Click for larger)

They will join the other teams in the Hall of Fame.

The End.


M R Lee said...

Great work.. both from the conversion, and then into the paint job!

Also, so some reason, those throwers look like hyped up Gremlins! Instantly saw that, and now cannot unsee it...

Love the warp glow effect though.

pulpcitizen said...

Great, great stuff. Love that and it really is posts like this that could get me back into Blood Bowl. More, more please. :)

Anne said...

These are great Ferret. Those conversions are top notch. The tentacle, the horns, the extra head-just aces. And those token markers are a great bonus.

Your client should be well pleased with these guys.

Davey said...

These are absolutely brilliant! Great vision and excellent execution. If GW bring out BB next year I'll have to pinch this idea because it works so very, very well.

Spacejacker said...

Excellent team, well done Ferret!

styx said...

Love the team. I keep looking at doing one for next yeas major Blood Bowl tournament.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Amazing! I love the unique feel of the team and the wonderful conversions. I'm going with a more conventional Underworld team - which is good because I couldn't pull off anything like this!

Cant wait to try some 2 headed diving catch gobbos on the field :-)

Brummie said...

That is a FANTASTIC looking team really spectacular would love to own a team like that if I played BB

Michael Awdry said...

When I look at the fun you have with your conversions, I often think to myself, "that Ferret has the best job in the world!" Mind you it helps that you are an extremely talented chap!

Anne said...

With only thirty minutes left to go I did another add-on. I added the flying carpet monkey's! Now I'm getting the winged gorilla AND the flying carpet monkey's. I will rule the skies!!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thank you all, feedback is very appreciated! I'm happy with the overall effect of the team. Someday I have to finish my own Underworld team! Which is a bit more 'traditional' too Paul, but after doing this one, it has me double-guessing some of the colors of my team.

PulpC: More? Without a doubt! Might be a slow-down coming though, it's back to the Genesteeler Cult next, with an expansion for his army: 2 characters, squad of steeler mutants, 2 more chimera, 2 hydras, 2 manticore & 3 fliers! But there will always be more Blood Bowl.

Davey: I wonder about that too.. if they do, it would probably be a 'one-shot stand alone' game, but if that means Dungeon Bowl I'll be on that for sure.

Brummie: easy enough, start playing Blood Bowl ;)

Michael: there are certainly times & aspects about this that I do feel i have the best job. :)

Laughing Ferret said...

Anne: Sounds like you're having fun with it! Looks like Fanticide just ended, I ended up adding extra units- price is cheaper than from Eureka direct, and has free shipping, so easy to justify... monkeys with rifles for the Belgian Liberation Army, Monkeys to convert for Blood Bowl, and axe-beak birds for prehistoric pulp.

by the way, if you want another winged ape, to have brothers, there is one from reaper here- you could even add a little fez to his head easy enough ;)


Mattias Darrow said...

Man, those look great! Well done!

Scott said...

Simply superb Ferret, can't wait to read about their exploits!

Anonymous said...

I just added your web page to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks! :)

Scott: These I don't get to keep- they were for a client, but if I hear how they do I'll pass it along. As much as part of me would enjoy keeping everything I make, I probably get even more enjoyment from knowing I have painted minis that are all over the world now, playing games and maybe making people happy. This team is on it's way to Austria.

habit said...

Awesome work on the troll!

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