Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hunted Apes: Greystoke's Apes Prowl the London Night: EotD Battle Report

Last Friday we played more Empire of the Dead skirmish games, this time breaking up into small one on one matches.  I decided to let the newly restarted Greystoke's Apes (a Lycan faction) have their first game.  I changed up some of the miniatures, leaving the very large transformed James Clayton miniature in the case (He will join the team once the leader gets enough skill upgrades to reflect his appearance) and used Alphie for the Beastlord, and the large apes with gauntlets for pack-masters (they had been 'wolves' in the last version) and so brought in gorillas from my Blood Bowl Ape team for the role of the faction member 'wolves'.  And of course, loyal Woodhouse and no-nonsense Maggie brought their tranquguns for added support.
The Apes of Greystoke gather to make their way home to the estate, under the protective eyes of the staff.

The scenario required me to get my squad off the table safely, at the opposite board edge, while the enemy, deployed split into two groups at those opposite corners would try to prevent it.  That looked like it would be difficult, considering he could patiently wait, knowing I must come to him and he has the guns.

The Apes started in front of the long building at the bottom edge of the board, while the hunters took positions in the opposite corners.  There were also a few small statues around, that a lucky search could reveal some useful items for the campaign.
"No apes will get past us this way sir"
"Aye, We be ready fer them."
The majority of the group moves up, trying to keep as much blocking sight as they can.
Meanwhile, Woodhouse feels it is his duty to investigate one of the statues, but there is nothing there.
"Run along ape, and join your fellows, I will stand guard here and fire upon any from behind that wall who try to pursue you."
Alphie leads the apes across the street in a head-long rush.  The men take aim, but the speed of the apes prevent their shots from finding their targets.
Maggie the maid, moving slower to give answer in kind to the hunter's shots, is grazed by a bullet and spins round, momentarily disoriented.
The villainous rapacious men assault the woman!  What is London coming to?
The apes made it safely home, and Woodhouse, once awaking from his own state of being passed out from a flesh wound, escorted her home.  You can rest easy that after Lord Clayton heard about the night's event that these jumped upped 'Gentlemen' and their Club will have their foul nature and little worth known by the greater society.

Next up: Ancient Nosferatu clash with their rivals: the Holy Order.


Brummie said...

Nice AAR. Like the redone warband as well. top stuff

Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely wonderful; always a fan of your apes.

The Angry Lurker said...

Beautiful set up, great little batrep but really beautiful miniatures.

Anne said...

Loves those Apes Ferret. But Maggie is the dangerous one here. Never mess with a woman with a rolling pin in her hand,

Scott said...

Excellent report Ferret!
Questions - are the building scratch made? What is the base cobbles of the board made from?

Jay said...

Ditto the Lurker's comment!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks folks!

The warband this way has plenty of room for growth- can have up to 5 characters and working on a couple little chips, one with a club & one with a pistol.

Anne: Maggie is dangerous! She wounded the VP (or pres, I forget) and held on for a couple turns against all those opponents!

Scott: the cobblestone board is printed on fabric and the buildings are scratch built by Mike, he's working on finalizing them and will be selling them in kit-form in the near future, when he has them ready I'll plug them here.

Nico said...

Cool apes - will there be Tarzan/John Clayton, too :) ?

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Nico!
Empire of the Dead is set in 1888, so it's too early for Tarzan, in fact, it's about the time he was born, so I've created a backstory that focuses on his uncle, James Clayton.

you can find the background and start of the faction concept here:

Ray Rousell said...

A great set-up and a neat idea for a game!

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