Friday, September 7, 2012

Twinkies will Inherit the Earth: Call of the Low Life

Seems Kickstarters and other similar fundraising pledges are growing more common.
I think this is great: it removes a lot of the risk for miniatures & other game-aspect designers, and so encourages ever wilder and more unusual creative ideas.  What might be too expensive and too risky without a clear idea of it's chance of success can have all of that answered before the project is committed too.
Pretty cool.

Here's one that I've been considering, because it is certainly unusual!

Low Life.

As I understand it, in the far flung future, when humanity has already banged or whimpered themselves out, the next to step up and stretch their evolving wings are the 'low life': little things beneath most humans' notice.
Cockroaches, worms, snails, bugs, ooze, even snack cakes left over from the human era: all evolved to have a bizarre post-apocalyptic/emerging civilization.

Here is a green of a 'twinky' creature:

Too funny.

Seems there is a board game and an RPG for the setting. What would I do with the minis?  I have no idea, but they're tempting anyway just because they're brimming with character and fun in a weird/nasty/silly way.
They might be good for random sci-fi or post-apoc skirmish minis, and could see them well suited for something like Ganesha Games' Mutants & Ray-guns.

The art direction makes me think of Monty Python, touch of Fantastic Planet and Frank Bakshi's Wizards.
Hard to go wrong.
Definitely worth a look!

They even have a contest to design your own character... sounds fun!

Be careful what you step on, it may be the next overlord of Earth!



Chris said...

You have a knack for finding finding things that are "creepyfunstrange", these are neat in so many ways, but undeniable unusual in so many more. Thanks for the heads up, I may have to get in on this one.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

I like them - they are around the bend creative goodness! I dont have enough time or money for the "normal" stuff I want though!

Anne said...

I like these guys and I like the names too. Reminds me of how you name your Blood Bowl teams.

I'm going to seriously consider this as there's still 17 days left. You know how it is, I'll probably get in on it!

Thanks Ferret!

M R Lee said...

Wow.. I echo Chris's comments.. you definitely have a knack for find the strange and just out there miniatures..

Am liking the food revolution theme going with some of them though.. might be something to pick up just to say you have :)

styx said...

I have to echo the same, very unique find here. I keep looking at it and using my mantra "will not kickstarter for a bit" wife will kill me.

Jay said...

Corn Man holding a skewer is hilarious!!

Lobo said...

they are supercool, thanks for posting them!

Laughing Ferret said...

I do try to keep my eye out for the unusual stuff, it's fun :)

Jay: yeah, his shorter corn-friend looks very uncomfortable about that corn skewer!

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