Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Converted Underworld Goblin for TFF Legacy Team

I joined in on the Talk Fantasy Football legacy team for 2012.
These are fun community projects. A legacy team is a team that a bunch of people on the forum commit to create a player and then they all get mailed to one location and one random person who contributed wins the team.

This year's team is an Underworld team, which is a troll, skaven & goblins. I signed up to do a goblin, and decided I'd give him some mutations, since Underworld is famous for their mutations.

Here is the conversion before painting:

I gave him the Big Hand mutation and Foul Appearance (which could also be Disturbing Presence)

I figure he'd make a great ball retriever: stunty-dodge in, pick up the ball regardless of tackle zones, then when people try to block or blitz him, his nasty appearance may change their minds, canceling their action. 

I'll post the painted update soon! 

Speaking of mutants and with & without color, here is a fun optical illusion.
No worries- it isn't a trick or a startling screaming monster all of a sudden, or anything like that. 

Watch the video- just a still picture, in color, but stare at the red dot, then about 2/3 of the way through it will change the picture to black & white, but if you've been looking at the red dot & keep doing it, you'll see the picture in color- photo reversed color. kind of fun, actually I found if you then look away from the red dot you will see the black & white but look back at the red dot and the color will fade back in.  

Do it enough and you may mutate too ;)



The Angry Lurker said...

He should turn out quite nicely and I'm mutated enough as it is!

Anne said...

This is a fun idea Ferret and I hope you win. Cool figure and I want to see him painted up as his head resembles an Ood.

I stared at the dot and now I have a tail. I was really hoping for a pair of wings!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Its a great idea, and I love you conversion. Always found Two-heads to be awesome on stunty players - not so much a fan of the foul appearance on the pitch but its a fun conversion to be sure!

Good Luck!!!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :)

Fran: is there such a thing as mutated enough? one could always use more.

Anne: Grew a tail? well with buying all those flying monkeys you had a 50/50 shot of either tail or wings, ah well... if it's prehensile at least it could be useful.

Paul: I love 2 heads for goblins! but several were already doing that mutation, so I went for something different. 2 heads & big hand makes a great recoverer, and 2 heads & horns makes a great cage-blockade runner.

Michael Awdry said...

What a wonderful conversion, seriously weird!

Scott said...

Nice conversion. Whats the head from? Looks a bit Cthulhu-ish...

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