Monday, June 13, 2011

10,000 Visits!

10,000 Visits as of earlier today!
More this month than in May, even more than April, and we're not even halfway through the month!
I'm pleasantly shocked.
I haven't been putting up as many posts as I did in April with the once per day challenge, so if you're new here there's plenty more to see from the previous months.  But I do plan to have many more updates coming soon.

What explains the big increase in visits recently?
It could be that Dr.Moreau left the door unlocked to his computer lab again:

Or it could be just more gamers with more downtime .. either way I'll try to give you some more things to entertain.

It's odd how we mark milestones and set significance in what feel like must be important numbers...

A person who lives to be 100... not that 99 isn't pretty impressive already.
One billion customers buying burgers.
The year 2,000 where surely the world will end. .. wrong again.  sorry(?)
The Mayan calender hitting 60,000.. the next big number that is supposed to be important... why? 60,000 years? What do people think will happen? So their calender ends, so what? 60,000 years is nothing. Our species has seen that roll over what, 20 times? And the planet would consider 60,000 years a heartbeat.

But it's probably hardwired in us to find a way to pause and say "this is a good spot to look back and say 'I've been doing something for awhile now, and it hasn't ended.'"  And I'm no different in that.

So with recently passing 50 followers and 10,000 visits I say Thank You for visiting and coming back.
I'm having fun, hope you are too and there will be more of this in the future.

Aside from the constant commission projects, my own that I hope to get to in the near future:
-More Quar
-More Twilight
-15mm Sci-Fi
-Gator War Party for fantasy skirmish
-Old West gang

Back Burner projects I'd like to have reason to get to:
finish the Bayou Elves
Blood Bowl teams
15mm Fantasy
VSF Ottomans

we'll see how it goes.

And on the subject of counting, here is a good reminder on the importance of proper counting:

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