Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Skaven Mordheim Warpstone-scavengers

This was a very fun project to work on.
I've always liked Skaven, being a big fan of rats, one of my favorite animals.

The client wanted resin bases, and agreed with my selection of Dragonforge, which I have always found to be the highest quality and great designs.  I did suggest adding a shard of warpstone to the base of each character, and having it glow green. I think OSL is a bit overdone lately -just because something can glow doesn't mean it is always best to have it do so, but in this case I thought it'd be good and enhance the mood of the Mordheim setting: a dark ruined city where  everyone competes for survival and hunting for these valuable mutagenic rocks.

On to the pictures!

A pair of young characters with pairs of fighting claws. I love these claws!

The sorcerer, made from parts of Plague Monks.  

The leader. Armed with a brace of warplock pistols and two weeping blades. 
I chose to taint the tip of the swords with warpstone, as if they used it in the forging process. 

The warriors: more 'natural' and grimy in browns and heavier rust. 
Click for larger.  
One brandishes the mighty 'board with a nail in it'! 

All together now:


Tristan M said...

Yeesh, that is one tooled up dirty skaven warband. That'll be some seriously hardcore Mordheim sessions!

MrLee said...

Man those warp stones and OSL is freaky good there! How'd you make it that bright looking even with the lighter colored backgrounds? Great job there once again!

itsacoyote said...

Love the rats! The glow just makes them all spooky. And reminds me I need to start painting my skaven army, haha. Those resin bases go really well with them, it makes me think of an underground sewer stonework.

Do you have pet rats now? They're just the cutest things ever :3

Simon Quinton said...

Very nice love the glowing warpstone

Unknown said...

I do like that green glow you've got there Ferret. Love rats as well. The Long Evans Hooded are my favorite. I had one that weighed 800 grams once and he lived for almost 3 years.

By the way, I've worked your figures into my story. Pay attention to the goat because that's you. (I do have a Dark Sword mini that's you too). You're to be my deus ex machina. The man who does not believe in god is a god himself. The irony was too delicious to pass up!

Michael Awdry said...

Outstanding! I am always amazed at just how effective OSL can be and these are a particularly great example. What a triumph.

Spacejacker said...

The use of OSL here is outstanding. Reason being that dark robed Skaven are otherwise quite dull to look at. The glow allows you add interest and colour while maintaining a monochromatic palette. Very nice!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone :) Very kind of you!

Tristan: Yes, looks like he'll be focusing on the heroes of the warband- I have a skaven team I ran in a Mordheim league before, where the main leader & 2 lesser heroes all had fighting claws- skaven can get to be amazing when they start getting skills.

MRLee: It helps if everything but the osl is dark, but doesn't need to be- one thing that helps is even if there is lighter areas and colors that they are all drab colors, and the only source of 'bright' is the osl.

coyote: no, It's been many years since I've had pet rats now, I had adopted an adorable little rat but when I had the chance to live in Denmark for some time I let someone else adopt her, not long after that I got a ferret and didn't want to have both a ferret and rats at the same time, then my ferret died, and haven't had the heart to get any new animals yet, other than my two hairy kids (my cats- attention needy lovable gits, they don't want to share attention time right now, if ever ;) but someday I will again.

Anne: sounds like a big rat! my longest living rat, and my favorite I'll admit was a white rat,she lived for two years, got a tumor(vet said she'd likely die), but it went away and she lived for another year and a half, which I was very grateful for. I knew I liked that goat for some reason ;) I'll look forward to the advancing story!

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