Saturday, February 26, 2011

Devanu Done

The Unfinished Project challenge at TGN concludes in a couple days and while I didn't finish my unfinished project, I did finish one of the two factions I had set as my goal. So, not bad really.

My project was for the Fubarnii and the Devanu, the first two factions (of three currently) for the World of Twilight game. I'll do a thorough review of the game and miniatures at a later date, but for now the short of it is I am a big fan of both. In the meantime, I'll just focus on what I've finished: the Devanu.

The Devanu are the villains of the setting. They have a cruel intelligence and once ruled an empire which enslaved the Fubarnii until the Fubarnii overthrew them, winning their freedom and establishing their own empire: Sparticus is green with envy. The Devanu now live on the outskirts of this civilization, preying on the Fubarnii whenever they get the chance.

The Devanu faction is a multi-species warband. It is also an 'elite' force: higher valued & fewer models than the Fubarnii faction. This is great for anyone who wants variety for their painting project, has less time, wants to focus on a small number of miniatures or wants to spend a bit less money... or all of the above. The Devanu are led by a male, Kopa, and it is typical to have a female or two (though small games may have just 1 adult Devanu). The females specialize in herding either packs of hunting beasts, Grishaks, or their own young, Jenta. There is also now an aerial species, the Kosok.

On to the pictures!
Kopa, leader of the pack.
Sempa: Only one pose so far, but wasn't hard to convert a bit to get pose variety.
Jenta: same situation with the poses, though it sounds like a new Jenta sculpt may be ready for Salute 2011!
Grishaks: Aren't they cute? Sure, but they're fast and deadly.
Kosok: Death from above!
Deadly clan on the move.


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