Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skaven Deathball

Skaven know a good thing when they steal it.
Take the Dwarf Death-Roller... what? you say the dwarfs won't let you take it?
Coach Sqeekelston won't like the sound of that... No sir, not at all.
Guess we'll have to make our own.
And so we shall.

Not every skaven coach has access to or is in good standings with Clan Moulder, but that doesn't mean there aren't Rat Ogre substitutes to be found if you have other connections. Those crafty folks at Skryre might just have the answer for you, a nicked idea from the dwarfs: The Skaven Deathball.

1 Skaven Doomflayer
1 Round 40mm base
1 Jewelwer's saw
Plasticard sheets & tubing

Cut the skaven pusher out from the model, add exhaust and platform.


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