Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore: to delve or not to delve?


So I've been seeing updates on this game for awhile now on TGN and been teetering on the proverbial fence for most of that time.
I've never been a big fan of the particular art style of big cutie heads on adult baby bodies. A friend of mine is a loyal player of League of Legends, but I've never played games like that, so the style doesn't hit me on a current or nostalgia vein.

So the adventurers aren't the most appealing to me, although I do like the look of the kobolds a lot.
Maybe my cutesie tolerance is much higher for animals than people.
Plus the Kobolds still have a mean look to them, though they are cute: not a bad combo for a kobold.

Not just the kobolds.  TGN showed a picture of the dragon that comes with the set.  I love it.
Actually I'd like one just to have for use as a 15mm dragon!

Something very appealing about this to me.  Sure, it's a touch cartoony, but the artistic design is brilliant.  The flow of the pose is very natural & dynamic.
GW could learn a lot from analyzing this sculpt.  I'm not sure they've ever made a dragon I liked.

If the miniatures are hard plastic, not the soft plastic you find in most board game miniatures, and the rules are solid then I have to say I'm tempted.

The last thing I noticed about this game I find amusing.
Here is part of the text for the Kobold Flinger:

Their Hot Pot, special attack quickly turns a Hero’s new linen cape into a flaming torch while they conceal their escape thanks to their Smoke Pot special action.

Is this intentional?  It's sure to bring up a few jokes at the gaming table.
Does the flinger get away, or does he just sit on the couch and eat cheetos?
Thank you English language for your uncertainties resulting from things like having the same words for an adjective and a verb.

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Lasgunpacker said...

That dragon is pretty great, but I do not like the various other figures... I guess the "twee" style really does not appeal to me. Hopefully he will be available separately.

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