Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Band of Orcs: this one goes to 11: Redux

(The pictures are now up on Impact! so it's now safe to bring these back up on the blog... )

Impact! Miniatures has made miniatures of an Orc rock band.
Approached by an actual band of orcs, named appropriately enough, A Band of Orcs, to have miniatures created in their likeness, they'll be unveiled at GenCon this year.

The miniatures are 28mm scale, and there are 5 miniatures (6 if you count the drum kit as separate).
They are all one-piece casts, except for the drum kit's cymbals.

They are very nicely sculpted.  Lots of character in my opinion, and some very fine detail, such as metal boar-head clasps.

They were very fun to paint. I tried to get as close to the actual band as I could.

These would make great sideline miniatures for fantasy football teams, especially orcs of course.. what team wouldn't like their own rock band to get the crowd going? Other uses, beyond just having as a fun project for the shelves, I can imagine them in a post-apocalyptic setting, or 40k Ork lootas emulating noise marines? Individuals used as unit musicians in a fantasy army? Would make a great unit filler too.

On to the pictures!

Gogog Bloodthroat

Cretos Filthgrinder


Hulg Elf-r.i.p.per (fun coincidence- I always have a black orc on my orc teams named 'elf-ripper'.

Oog Skullbasher
-I love this drum kit. here is a shot of it to see the detail when the drummer isn't in place:

The band line up:

Check out the miniatures at Impact! Miniatures.

For more info on the band and to see what they look like when not in miniatures, and details on the GenCon appearance  go to their site.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

I bought a set of these for Christmas after seeing this post - I'm doing mine up in a KISS theme :-D

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