Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bandidos: The Good, the Bad & what was nearly Ugly.

Last Wednesday the Bandidos had their 2nd day out to make names for themselves.  
Unfortunately, I forgot and left my camera behind.  A real shame too, since the terrain was fun: a town of about 10 buildings with a dry stream bed running down the length of it, used as the town's main street.

No photos as their small local paper can't afford a photographer, but the events were written down as best remembered:

Rumor had it that Frito, El Rojo, was headed to the dried up mining town to take whatever wasn't nailed down,and maybe some things that were, as well as the nails too.  A legal minded cowboy raised a posse to meet the bandits and bring some justice.

Both gangs headed toward the center of town.  The range leader was a veteran of Indian wars by the name of Duke, a crack shot with a rifle, despite his eyepatch.  Two of his men rode horseback, to circle around the bandits, while the remaining men tried to distract the bandits with head-on conflict.  By mid afternoon, each side was down five men, but the Bandidos had more to start with, so now had a significant numerical advantage. The despicable men had shot both horses as well.  Soon the Bandits had all of the cowboys out of action, with just one remaining heading for the hills to call for help.  It was a good haul for Frito's Bandidos. Julio even found a card game, where the men playing were so intimidated that they let him win the pot. All told, they made over $70 that day, and taking away a rifle and two good horses.  One of the peons had done good, bringing a big man down, so was promoted to what passed for an officer in their ranks.

Back at Camp the Bandidos got drunk, split the loot and two who had been vaqueros across the border claimed the horses.  Unfortunately, the cowboy who'd run for help never found it, but he did find a rival band of Bandidos, who hearing of El Rojo's good fortune, and knowing his men would be well drunk, decided to take what was taken.  The rival Bandidos were more numerous, and sent their scared peasants rushing at Frito's men, backed up by men with shotguns. There were also a few hired guns of significant repute.  Before Frito's men knew what hit them they were taking casualties fast. One of the vaqueros managed to rope their heffe, but he soon got free and surrounded by his men, the vaquero went down.  With half his men down, including a couple of the important men down and the newly promoted peon, Frito called for retreat.

The peon had bit off far more than he could chew: the doctor said he should be in bed for weeks.  The doctor was thanked, paid with a half bottle of whiskey and ushered out the door.  Frito turned to the bedridden man, "You did good cutting the man with your machete earlier today Jose.   But now you are no use to me.  You will eat my food, sleep in my bed, and for how long? I respect you for your brave heart, for your cajones to reach for more than the peons who follow me like sheep. For this, I tell you like a man that I have no use for you now and am going to kill you. But outside please, I don't want to get my sheets bloody."

Despite losing a lot of men in the game, the vaqueros recovered, and only the ex-peon hero suffered so many wounds that he wasn't worth saving. One of my toughs got a 'kid done good' result, so he stepped in to fill his shoes: hopefully with more luck.

In lieu of pictures of the games, here is a very W.I.P picture of what is next for the bandidos:

I have 2 vaqueros on the roster now. I wasn't so impressed with them first time out, but I expect I'll figure out how to use them.  One reason I wanted to run Bandidos is for the variety in the list: vaqueros sounded fun!  And while a big expendable meat shield of a peon wall might be more effective, I think these might be more fun to use along with the rest of the posse.  I saved 2 of the Black Scorpion bandidos instead of painting them, and have 2 rohan horses that I'll be converting to have a couple mounted bandidos. should be fun!


Paul´s Bods said...

!!!When you said the bandidos I thought you meant the guys who go around on motorbikes!!!!
I look forward to the mounted bandido conversions.

Laughing Ferret said...

I guess if we did a 'weird' old west I could put the vaqueros on motorcycles ;)

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