Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hotchkiss 39 Light Tank for the BLA

Though I have plenty of points in Gorillas and Monkeys for the Belgian Liberation Army, some games may get to enough points that I'd have room for an actual light tank, so since Brigade Games was having a sale I picked up a Hotchkiss 39 tank by Army Group North.  

When you're used to heroic scale sci-fi tanks it's easy to forget that not all tanks were hulking monstrosities. Early light tanks might have had no issue with parking in the compact spots at the supermarket!

I've gone for a neutral, single-tone military shade here, as I'm not a real big fan of camouflage.  It can look nice sometimes, but since the goal of camo is to confuse & break up what the eye sees, when done right it will do just that, and I enjoy looking at the miniatures.

So here's my H-39 for the Belgian Liberation Army:

And with Monkey for scale:


Dunc said...

Looking good.
Somewhere in the lead pile I've got one of these tractor units;
It's 28mm, resin body and metal tracks - no crewman. It's a pre-production cast, don't think it ever made it into production with the manufacturer. At least I think I've still got it... somewhere.
Would go really well with your H39.

Michael Awdry said...

Oh I say that's very smart. I do love looking at the posts on this project. Great stuff Mr. Ferret.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks for the offer Dunc! I like the boxy look of those early transports -and at least one of the early Belgian tanks had a similar box shape. But the games we're playing will stay skirmish orientated with only one vehicle possible and no real call for transports.

Thanks Michael! I've been enjoying this project :)

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