Sunday, August 21, 2011

Old West: All in a Day's Work for Bandidos: Battle Reports pt.II

When we last left our (erm) 'heroes' they'd just returned to the pueblo which El Rojo uses as his personal fiefdom with the hard-earned loot from the morning's bank heist.  One of his men had selected a strong looking peasant lad to replace the man who'd been killed and Rosarita slipped in and out of consciousness from the effects of her 'medication'.  Feliz told her not to worry, he'd find the peddler and gut him for her.  
Always a softy that Feliz. 

But as El Rojo and men made their way piecemeal to the center of town, it became clear that some interlopers were hunting the town, looking for them and their gold!  
Cowboys who'd decided it'd be easier to rustle his men than cattle?  They'd soon learn better. 
This is the pueblo of Leche de Cactus, before the violence erupted.

El Rojo, Feliz (with his new rifle), Julio Iguana and a tough make their way toward the center of town with a few peasants to run interference, while the rest of his gang have not yet arrived.

A couple of the Riflemen of the gringos make their way around a building in secret.

At the other end of town Pappy and the Rancher move to take cover in a domicile's courtyard

A buzzard circles overhead, impatiently awaiting his next meal. 

A Vaquero gallops onto the scene, taking cover behind a building from any rifle fire, waiting for his campagnero to catch up. 

The second Vaquero is not far behind.

As the Cowboys took secure positions, the layout of the town required the bandidos to boldly move in the open.. behind their peons.

The Vaqueros manage to rope the cowboys and haul them over the wall to attack them close.  You'd think cowboys would have anticipated some finer ropin' skills.  

A shootout begins.

The bandidos dispatched a cowpoke who was in the house, then took to the roof to get better shots. Meanwhile El Rojo moves in for some close action.

With the ornry Pappy proving difficult to bring down, the cowboys split up.  Not being fooled, both vaqueros head after the leader, rope him a second time and try to horse-stomp him.  (horse? pretty sure those aliens are riding giant capybaras!) 

The Rancher took out one Vaquero before being knocked out himself, and the rest of the town was cleared of cowboys, leaving only Pappy left, who took it in mind to skedaddle. 


No real lasting damage was done to either team, but benefits are yet to be determined: the store was closing soon at this point, so we decided to save rolling for cash, finding rare items & skill rolls for next time. 

It was a great game, and like so many games of this sort it was very close until it wasn't. 


Dan said...

Pappy looks an awful lot like "Weird Pete" from Knights of the Dinner Table, in his "Aces & Eights" rpg-character persona. The Bandidos look great, as does the terrain! Not sure about those Vaqueros... they's funny-lookin'

Reinwood99 said...

It was a good game and very close. I look forward to a rematch soon.

Laughing Ferret said...

Who you callin' funny lookin' round face? Better run like a PykPyk before they come after you! ;)

Reinwood: looking forward to it, we want another shot at Pappy! ;)

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