Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Green Goblin Style

The most recently finished team went out. They were very fun to work on.  The client converted the team and had the idea to do them in a uniform style similar to the 'Green Goblin' from Spider Man. I always enjoy doing something different!  Soon after starting them I thought about possible coaches & cheerleaders and had the idea of taking the theme to it's logical conclusion: skyboards.  And how about sculpting a flaming pumpkin in his hand? The client's response? 'Awesome! how about flaming pumpkins for tokens too?' Couldn't agree more.

So here's the result:

Some of my favorite individuals:

I have some very interesting teams lined up for the near future.  I had already dubbed this 'the year of Blood Bowl' and looks like there is no letting up with the fun teams people have in mind.

Because of the volume of Blood Bowl lately, I've added a separate page to this Blog, just for Blood Bowl teams. An archive to collect the team shots.  It's right at the top, so feel free to click it! 


Spacejacker said...

"Dark Elves Green Goblin Style" sounds (and looks a bit) like a Shaolin Kung Fu Form :)

Wiking said...

I love the cartoony Paintingstyle! Great choice of colours!

Laughing Ferret said...

The Kung Fu form has got to be more effective than the car-waxing swan at any rate ;)

Thanks Wiking! It's a lot of fun to switch up painting styles now and then :)

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