Friday, August 12, 2011

BLA: Uplifted Monkeys of the Congo

In the Belgian Congo, Professor Poireau has had to shift gears to be ready for the missions into Europe.
With intelligence comparable to man, and the natural stealth and dexterity of monkeys, these non-human soldiers should prove to be a formidable force.  Armed with new, specially designed weapons to be lighter in weight, these monkeys are ready to do what they can.

Monkey soldiers!

Deadly aim with a grenade... flinging unsavory items comes naturally to them!

Monkey Panzerfaust .. affectionately known as banana blasters.
(a couple of them arrived with broken rpg's, but since there is only one pose, and it was only two I didn't bother asking Eureka for more or converting them to fix. It's fine)

Light machine gun teams. Too heavy to be carried by one alone.

Communication officers on the new device created by Professor Poireau, the Radiograph.
Despite their intelligence, human speech is still limited for monkeys, and while they can communicate with each other with verbal ease and understand human speech, the most effective long range communication to humans is done in writing.

Octavian leads the simian commandos into battle!

More to come.  In the meantime, enjoy the music!


Michael Awdry said...

What a fabulously original unit! Brilliant painting as well, great job.

Dan said...

One of my favorite bands of all time, so awesome! Oh, and the monkeys look great too. You've got a whole skirmish force painted in no time fast. Amazing!

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