Friday, August 19, 2011

Old West: All in a Day's Work for Bandidos: Battle Reports pt.I

The Bandidos of El Rojo had their 3rd night out last night, and this time there was a photographer on hand for the Creekbed Gazette.

The Morning (Game 1) started out like a typical daily grind for the Bandidos: Wake up, have some tequilla, grab your sombrero and head into town to rob the local bank. It was going well, they had 3 sacks of gold and most of the gang was already out of doors ready to head back to the pueblo.. until they saw that down both ends of the street were men from a Lawman's posse, aimin' ta stop them.

The bandidos start within 3" of the bank door, inside or out.  the two Vaqueros had to begin dismounted. The Sheriff seemed to know which way the Bandidos must head out of town, so he and his top men were at the south end of the street, but were immediately accosted by the CCCC: Concerned Christian Citizens of Creekbed who wanted to know what was going on and just what the sheriff intended to do about it.
The deputy was shy around the ladies.

The bandidos used their peasants to try to block sight on what was going on, but the men of the law were havin none of it. (The Vaquero conversions are not done, so a couple visiting Quar cavalry helped the Mexicans in their wealth redistribution program)

Some of the Bandits remained inside to keep the bank workers quiet and try to get some shots out the windows.

Rosarita, a real crack shot takes out a deputy who had tried to circle around them.  Moving past the citizens, the lawmen opened fire: again and again aiming for Rosarita.  These men may wear a badge, but they certainly are not chivalrous. They continue firing until Rosarita is brought down.

Fearful of scatterguns, El Rojo's men spread out, sending the peons in before them. A vaquero lassos the sheriff and he's surrounded. Duos guards their rear from the approaching posse men.

The other vaquero makes a break for it, while the sheriff is tied up, El Rojo himself trusts as little as possible, so carries a sack as well. The third sack of gold is carried by Feliz, a man with a fierce reputation that even the lawmen are hesitant to draw notice from.

The Sheriff was taken out and the hidden bandidos in the bank opened fire on the posse trying to catch the escaping bank robbers.  Their way now cleared with little threat of being followed, the Bandidos headed for the safety of the Pueblo which El Rojo rules with an iron fist.

A peon lost his life, but he wasn't the first, nor will he be the last.  More distressing, Rosarita was given an elixir to aid her healing and seems to have done her no good. She'd be in bed with fever when the band was attacked next: sooner than they'd be expecting.

The Bandidos made a small fortune however, enough to buy two rifles, pay a local grandmother the pre-burial fee for her grandson to work for El Rojo, replacing the man who died, and as a gift to show she still was favored, an Indian Tomahawk for Rosarita, who despite her injuries seemed much stronger than before, and the heavy dangerous axe would be a deadly weapon to one with her eagle eyes.  El Rojo was discovered to have even grittier huevos than previously known, and on top of that picked himself up a boiler plate.

Before they could enjoy the fruits of their labors however, a ruthless gang of cowboys had heard about the heist and came to the pueblo fixin' to steal it for themselves.

But that's a story for another day... which will be soon, don't you fret.

A couple other encounters going on in other parts nearby:

Some Lakota Souix tangled with another gang of Mexican Bandidos.

While this sleepy pueblo was about to erupt in an armed shootout between rival ranchers.

Stay tuned for the fighting coming its way for El Rojo's Bandidos that very evening. 


Spacejacker said...

Great looking games and tables. Good terrain is so important!

Dunc said...

I'm going to have to stop following your blog I think. I want to play Cowboys an' Injuns now.

Awesome looking setup, again.


Impcommander said...

Very nice, really like the Terrian

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks for the comments!

I can't take credit for the terrain, but I concur.
I know just how you feel Dunc! When I saw some of the terrain they were using for this league last go-round I knew I'd want to jump in too. That and I'm a sucker for old Clint Eastwood movies.

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