Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Conversion: Supporting the Style of Simplification with Molik Karn

Been working some longer hours than usual, so I haven't had time to start the NATC game reports, so to hold you over until I do, here is another conversion I was pretty happy with.

As I mentioned in the last update, I really like the concept of Skorne from Hordes, but the level of decorative detail bits is pushed further than my preference.

One of the character warbeasts is Molik Karn, a Cyclops Chieftain.  I've never actually used him in a game, for one, because I just love the look of the Titan pachyderms more, and for another because I just wasn't thrilled with the model.

I prefer the look of the lesser warbeast Cyclopses ... Cyclopii ? Cyclopoose ?  Oh I don't know.
But Molik just (at the risk of offending) looks a bit juvenile in it's stylings: too many spikes, the psuedo-samurai half helm doesn't do anything for me and the swords are just at a Heavy Metal level of ridiculousness  I mean really.. are they swords or are they multi tools?  Looks like they are designed to be can openers, tree saws and pasta press all in one.   And the pose is too static to be interesting.

So I set about remaking Molik in a style I would prefer: simpler, and hopefully more elegant with a more interesting pose.

Here is the result:

I did keep the serrations near the end of the blade and one of the circular cut outs near the base of the blade, but I filled in the upper one as well as the three holes, as well as trimming the end of the sword to be more like a scimitar or cutlass and less like a giant bowie knife. 

I also removed the horns from his shoulder armor and replaced them with gems. this as well as not using the backbanner lowers the central focus of the eye back to where the action of the miniature is. 

Also I replaced the head with one from a lesser Cyclopse: a full helmet which I think just looks better. 
Then I changed the angles of the arms and swords to hopefully create more of an action pose and less of a 'look at mighty me' type pose. 

The original to compare: 

More angles of my Molik: 

That's all for now, but more to come, and I'll get to those game reports soon too.


M R Lee said...

Nice conversion there mate. I think it is a lot simpler than the original, and in a good way! Am curious on how it will look with some paint ;)

Old Fogey said...

I am 100% in agreement with you. While some mini makers seem intent on getting the prize for the most cluttered sculpt of the century, I find more beauty and inspiration in the simpler figures. Bravo Sir!

Michael Awdry said...

I do love your conversion work, you just set about things with such apparent ease and before you know it we have a splendid new miniature.

Simon Q said...

Nice looking mini I quite like both versions but get what you mean about the originals pose. Look forward to seeing this chap with some brushwork on him.

Scott said...

Well done Ferret, I like what you have done making the model more 'realistic'.
I think there is certainly an 'over the top-ness' with a lot of fantasy stuff put out these days...

I am not a fan of back banner poles... I can never get away from the thought they'll get caught up in so many things, doorways, low tree branches, even overhead double handed weapon swings . .. wouldnt that just look dumb: "Ah ha I have you now feeble underling, oh hang on a mo', my swords got stuck in my banner pole..."

Alfrik said...

"I Likz it ! "

Anonymous said...

While i often do like a baroque level of detail on many minis i have to admit your conversion is a massive improvement on the original!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all, very much appreciated.. well, maybe except from Alfrik who seems to be saying he plans to lick the miniature! Now, that might have worked back in elementary school to lick someone's desert so they wouldn't want it and they'd give it to you, but it won't work here & now, I'll just be keeping a close eye on you when you're near my miniatures!

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