Sunday, May 26, 2013

Make Way! When a Troll Falls on the Pitch.

In the middle of a board game marathon weekend for the holiday weekend.
No Kublacon this year for me- saving a bit of money after the expenditures of Europe & Las Vegas.

But a quick update for a Troll Token.

One concern I had about the Norse Dwarf team was the size of my team's Troll. It is a very big mini.
On the off chance someone managed to knock him down (read that: 'likely event') I didn't want to lay the troll down on the pitch because he's simply too big not to take up 3 or more squares!

In the past I've put little markers on a big guy's base, but they can't be seen from all angles or when the area gets crowded with players.  I've seen the prone/stun markers that Impact sell, which are a good idea: remove the mini and place the marker, but I wanted something more visually appealing and at the same time more personalized for the team, so this is what I came up with:

When the Troll get's knocked down:

Flip it over if instead he is Stunned (in which case it gets flipped to 'knocked down the next turn):

A fast job, done in about 15-20 minutes but happy with the results. 

Even happier when I don't have to use it though! 

If you have a holiday weekend this weekend, hope you're having fun and making the most of it! 


Michael Awdry said...

Cracking idea and as you say a more personalised solution. Looking like a promising weekend, even the sun has made an appearance in my little corner of the U.K.

Kobold said...

If he's an Ice Troll, you could have made a troll silhouette out of PVA, coated it with sand for texture, and painted it shades of white and grey, with perhaps a troll helmet or club sticking out of the pile. It would like he was made of ice, got sconed, and fell apart into his component pieces.

This would add a little 3dishness to the token, but still allowed other figures to move over him.

Of course, the best plan is still not to get stunned ;)

Simon Q said...

I think they are ACE especially the face down one

Anonymous said...

Very fun idea LF. The stun picture cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

I like making things personalised and themed having made a few counters for things especially to help me keep an eye on special synapse rules for my 40k Tyranids.

This looks especially ace!

M R Lee said...

Great little token there! Nicely executed as well!

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