Thursday, May 23, 2013

Norse Dwarves: Pining for the Fjords

Continuing from yesterday's post where I showed the team after all their weapon-snips & shield-shavings, here is the Norse Dwarf Blood Bowl team, 'The Fjord Furies'.

This is a 'combo team': two teams in one. With the Troll & Wereboars, it functions as a Norse team, without them, and the possibility of a deathroller, it functions as a Dwarf team.
2 complete teams for just 4 more minis!

To help distinguish the dwarves for team position I grouped them by hair: red, white, blond & bald.

The snow troll who takes center stage (because who's going to stop him from taking whatever he wants?)

Uffda the Troll!
In case he doesn't grab some tasty opposing goblins, he takes the pitch with his lunch on his belt:

Norse men sometimes become werewolves, but for dwarves it is more common to be Wereboars:

Always crowd favorites, hotheaded Berzerkers or Troll Slayers:

Adding wisdom and experience, the Throwers (or skilled linemen if no thrower selected) or Blitzers: 

Shaving their head for speed, and to limit what defense may grab, the Runners in either team:

Backbone of any team, the Linemen or Blockers (either team, a lot of block!):

The Deathroller: 

And the Staff: Cheerleader, Coach, Apothecary

I didn't make counters for this team, since the staff tracks Turn & Score, and for rerolls I used a set of Norse Runestones. 

The Team:  The Fjord Furies:

Look for their exploits in game reports coming soon! 


Michael Awdry said...

Oh yes, he's back! I've missed this sumptuous painting and frivolity.

Francis Lee said...

That's some shower of fuglies, well painted fuglies!

Mattias Darrow said...

Very, very nice. I'm doing a similar combo team, but easier. I got two sets of Mantic elves to use as high or pro elves, and I can even use them as wood elves when I sculpt up a tree man. I was over the moon when I found out all three teams had the same number of positions.

I need to take your advice on snips, though. But those elves are so tiny!

Randroid said...

Stunning looking team! Great concept and execution. Congrats!

tomogui said...

Oooh, Ferret back in the house! These lil guys are great.

Scott said...

Just Fantastic! Looking forward to hearing of their exploits...

Grimwolf said...

Oh man Ferret!! Im attempting the same thing with some Rackham Dwarves! Great to see what you have done with this team. I absolutely love it.

M R Lee said...

Great work mate.. great work indeed!

Simon Q said...

Gorgeous job on these this has to be my favourite team so far. These Rackham dwarves look super as a BB team.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all, much appreciated!

Mattias: yeah, those Mantic elves are very slim!

Anne said...

YAY!! Blood Bowl teams! Oooh I like that troll. Those colours are fantastic on him and all that detail on his back-excellent.

Jaysus, but you've gotten even better while you were away.

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