Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fubarnii Caravan : LPL6 Round 7

Well I got edged out again in the Lead Painters' League challenge in round 7.
It was closer than the week before, but not close enough ;)

I was up against a nice set of Victorian Gentlemen Explorers. My World of Twilight Fubarnii Empire caravan & guards wasn't quite like bringing a ham & bacon sandwich to a kosher cooking contest, but some genres do seem to come with a slight handicap. Maybe more like bringing pizza to a BBQ?
Can you tell I haven't had lunch yet?

I've been enjoying the LPL, it's definitely got me to revisit some of my sadly neglected projects.
Twilight is top of the list for that: I love these minis!  Must find time to continue work on them.
And they've just released some new minis too.. some more Dhogu, the more 'primitive' nomadic tribe and some new Devanu: the slightly dark & shadowy nation.  All beautiful... must get some Dhogu especially, they look great fun to paint!

So on to my Fubarnii Caravan:

Some close ups of them:

After week 6 I dropped from 2nd place to 11.  Yikes! My Cavemen took quite a drubbing despite being well received. After week 7 I held at 11, despite a loss.  I got a lot more vote points from it, since the votes was within about 10% or so, but it's the total wins and bonus points that seem to matter most.
Looks like I'll have another narrow loss again this week, so we'll see what happens for the leaderboard then.

Despite not winning this round I am really happy. Why?  Because I get to keep these minis!  ;)
If I end up feeling like I'd rather have my minis than those I faced off against I have to come away feeling like I won. They were excellent Victorian Explorers, but I'm so pleased with how these fun quirky guys came out, and to finally get some paint on them and have a direction for further work on the Fubarnii military?
That's a victory for me!

Looking ahead I'm still not sure what will get entered for week 9, but I have something I'm getting a huge kick out of for week 10, the final week, the theme of which is 'Maritime': anything about ocean going adventure where you need 2 opposing teams and a large additional miniature. It is so hard to keep this under wraps! I don't know if I'll win, it's another 'odd choice', but for me, this LPL is all about painting a variety of stuff and get a foothold on or progress in different projects.

More to come!


Dangerous Brian said...

Bad luck Ferret. I also love the World of Twilight figures, but at least the competition helped serve it's purpose. Those really are magnificent paint-jobs. I especially love the bases and you attention to detail with regards to scenery. I have to admit, unless I'm painted scenery for a customer, I tend to rush it. I just wan't to get that scenery down on the tabletop ASAP. I sometimes forget just how much the extra effort on something as simple as a hillside can add to the visual impact of a game.

Dunc said...

That's some good colouring-in, that is.

Seeing as I have basically got the entire Splintered Lands collection, World of Twilight is, probably, going to be the next fantasy setting I immerse myself in.

The miniatures themselves are lovely, and true to the designer's intent of having no Tolkien inspiration.

I'm just in the process of commissioning some scenery suitable for both SSL and WoT, based on the stuff on show at Salute this year.

Anne said...

I have a hard time imagining a painter who is that much better than you. I'm sitting here working on my knight and take a break. I'm feeling pretty good about myself and then I come and see these pictures and I want to cut off my hands. The last time I felt like this was after seeing Buddy Rich play live. I was so depressed I couldn't play for a week. I knew I'd never be that good. But like playing the drums, I'm not going to quit.

How did you find time to sneak in another post?

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Brian! I really had fun with their bases. My goal was to make them different than standard 'earth' typical bases, since the world of twilight is so different from standard fantasy concepts. The colors of the base work were inspired by tropical reefs.

Dunc, we'll pass projects then- I have some splintered light as well, and was thinking after progress on twilight I'd hope to paint some of those... I want to make a 'wetlands army' that will be a mix of some splintered light, khurusan & eureka.

Anne: Thanks! I like to fancy I'm pretty good but there are many who I have the same reaction to: I see their work and I want to cry or curse my fingers ;) I think no matter how good someone is, they'll always have that reaction: someone is going to be better in some way or aspect. Just inspiration to keep getting better and find your own unique path. Plus art is subjective.. I've been in contests where I felt like I beat 'better painters' and other times when I lost but I felt I was the 'better painter'. Never can tell what people will feel & how they'll take in the work of all the artists. Like how some love Impressionism, but it doesn't do much for me, but I love pre-raphaelite.

-I saw Buddy rich live once too.. yeah, he was a god. I played Sax, still do just not as much as I used to, and that's how I felt about John Coltrane

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Love the job you did on these, great colors. The set up is the first picture is pretty awsome too.

Michael Awdry said...

Just goes to show the talent that competition brings in! For what it's worth I thought yours were AMAZING!

Lobo said...

both scenary and minis are enchanting!

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