Monday, April 30, 2012

Genestealer Cult Command: LPL Round 8

Another week started for the Lead Painter's League Challenge.
If you aren't following this you should be!  There have been a lot of amazing entries. Not just of painted minis, but of the settings for the minis.  Composition of the subject matters in this, which has been a new experience for me- sure I've fallen a bit from that, but been getting some ideas... will be looking to expand my terrain, some photo elements and will be looking to do even better next year!

The Challenge is almost over, week 9 is running now, and next week is the final week, with a big blow out theme round of 'Maritime' needing 2 rival teams and a large item to get all the bonus points.  I've mentioned I have something special planned, but that's all I'll say until it starts.

I lost another round in week 8, it was another close call, within 10%.  I faced off against a beautiful atmospheric picture. Yes, must up my game on photo composition.  I was also entering a 40k squad, which I'm pretty sure means when the starting gun fires you have to first pick the lock on your ball & chain before you start running ;) 40k vrs historical is going to be a tough run there.. though anything would have been tough, his Tiger tanks in sunset were very pretty.

I'm very happy with these conversions. The idea for the command troops was to make them even more mutated than the other troops: closer along the path to becoming full genestealers. I didn't want to use genestealer bodies though, they're too big and then they'd be genestealers, not mutants.  So I used GW Ghouls, made them 4 armed, and grafted genestealer scythes onto the backhands and gave them meltaguns for the front hands.  Genestealer heads completed the look.

I'm also pleased with the sentinel walkers.  All of the vehicles were supposed to have infestation, but I thought a big alien brain with tentacles, inhabiting it like a hermit crab would be fun. I was also fun to sculpt the brains :)

When I lost my first round, I dropped from 2nd place to 11th in one swoop. The next two rounds at a close loss saw me keeping 11th place- I've been there for 3 rounds now! Odd that losing further didn't drop me further. I'm at the top for those who have won 5 & lost 3.  This round is going pretty well so far.  If I do win it, and looks promising so far, at least I'll have won more rounds than lost: not bad for my first LPL :)

You can check out my current round here:  LPL Round 9
I'll feature them here when the round is over, can't publish pictures anywhere while the voting is open.
I will say it was fun to work in a limited pallet of light tones, limited saturation.  


Michael Awdry said...

Now without wishing to curse your entry, this one is surely in the bag! What a wonderful entry and I rally like the marble bases, very tasty.

Anne said...

Nice work again Ferret. Love those pinks and purples you have here. Looking forward to seeing the next pics and good luck for a win!

Mr. Lee said...

LF.. you continue to amaze with this competition. I like the items for round 9.. fingers crossed you take this round.

The Angry Lurker said...

Great modelling and painting, the leader looks like a borg queen clone!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Michael & Mr. Lee! I'm hoping the current round will get me back up into the top 10... that'd be cool :)

Thanks Anne! I'm looking forward to putting the whole army out for a group shot when it's finished... about 60 infantry & 10 vehicles.

Thanks Angry :) She reminds me of the Borg Queen too... bio instead of techie, but they have the same vibe. Maybe I had Star Trek in the back of my mind and that was where the 'Dax spots' came from.

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