Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FF-Fields Competition Results:

Awhile back FF-Fields, a company specializing in creating pitches for your fantasy races' sporting enjoyment, had a contest with several categories:
Best Painted, Conversions, Concept Theme & Best Pro-Painted.

You probably know I'm a big fan of Blood Bowl, and have painted a lot of it.  I kept thinking about what I'd enter.. which team?  which category? Maybe something new... I delayed, hoping I'd find time to finish the conversions for the all-skink team I started awhile back, maybe enter them for Converted or Painted.. but real life laughed at that thought.  Laughed hard: haven't found time to make any progress on that team.
The result? Procrastination and Thoughts Elsewhere saw me not enter a dang thing.
Missed the deadlines altogether.

And yet, I still won!

Well, sort of.

Two other people won, but in the 'Pro-Painted' category, with teams they'd bought from me.

I don't get a prize of course, but I'm just as happy as if I'd won, since, I kind of did.

First Place went to Dan, a great guy from Australia, who commissioned a Chaos Dwarf team late last year.
(Close up picture in the 'Hall of Fame' page: tab at the top of the blog)

He was very happy with the team when he got it, and I'm very happy for him that he got first place and will be getting a custom puzzle pitch for his team! 

Second Place went to another Dan, a friend of mine in California, who bought the Picnic Pillagers when he heard I was going to sell them.  He added to the team later, commissioning a 3rd Treeman to be Deeproot the star player and Puggy Baconbreath.  Since he took a picture of the whole team, I can now replace my old picture in the Hall of Fame, to show the whole team together with the two late arrivals.
(Close up picture in the 'Hall of Fame' page: tab at the top of the blog)

The moral of the story seems to be:

1.  Don't procrastinate
2.  Do enter
3.  Be named Dan. 


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Kind of won? You TOTALLY Won - it was your work mate! I completely love that Chaos Dwarf team (particularly the CDs with Claws!) so I'm stoked to see you got a 1st place with it!

Its a small BB community, even world wide: I seem to know half the winners :-)

Congrats mate - well deserved prizes indeed

Michael Awdry said...

Outstanding! Well done Mr Ferret Sir!

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Superb team! The second one is pretty cool too.

The Angry Lurker said...

Congrats, you won really because you painted it and they bought it, nice teams by the way!

S. L. Hennessy said...

That's amazing! Serious congrats on winning. Where's the picture of your submission??

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Paul! Yes, i just wish the physical distances were shorter, or cheaper to get to, would love to play in more events around the world.

Thanks Michael!

Thanks Dr.Willet: the halfling team was hard for me to sell- I almost didn't let it go- those are my favorite treemen minis.

Thanks Fran, too bad I don't get prizes from FF too ;)

SL: Thanks! Not sure what you mean about the submission.. unfortunately I didn't submit any -but those two teams that won 1st & 2nd, submitted by the two Dan's were painted by me- they had a contest section for "teams that had been professionally painted" -If they have a next time I won't be such an indecisive procrastinator and I'll enter something for myself :)

Mr. Lee said...

Congrats on winning without winning.. at least it should be known that you did up the painting of these gems, and as such get recognized for the efforts yet?

Maybe next time you will be ready.. and will have changed your name to Dan ;)

DanJ said...

Hah! Fantastic work LF, you definitely deserve the accolade.

Now the internet is as pleased with the team as I am :)

Axtklinge said...

Those are just fantastic!
It is YOU that should have been awarded the pitch!
Congrats, you deserve to be very proud of your work!

AbraxiS said...´ve paint them both!!? Well then,congrats brother,they are really good...and the proof of won 1st and 2nd :P

Cheers dude.


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