Sunday, May 6, 2012

Archangel & Angels for LPL Round 9

Another round concluded for the Lead Painter's League.
For round 9 I entered a team of 5 Angels, with the leader an Archangel.

These were a lot of fun to paint.
The goal here was light, low-saturation colors, and minimal colors at that: just silver, two tones of almost-white, pale skin & hair and white wings. The armor was done with a light silver, bit of a wash to darken it, and a blue tint, then highlighted with an opalescent. Hard to see that in the picture, but it's a fun effect.

I decided to paint the bases like marble. I really enjoy painting marble: getting to mix the colors on the flat surfaces, more like painting a picture on canvas than painting a mini. It's a fun change.  Marble seemed appropriate for a metaphysical group.

All of these are conversions of Reaper Miniatures.  Only one was intended to be an angel: the one flying into the air, but he was holding a laurel wreath and an axe, which seemed odd and didn't fit with the rest, so that was traded for sword & shield. Another had his bare head removed & replaced with a helmet, and backpack & adventuring gear cut & filed away.

My favorite is the center 'Archangel' which is a 54mm mini.  Medieval art is filled with examples of hierarchical scale -where more powerful people & creatures are shown as physically bigger than others- so it seemed a good way to make one an Archangel.

Here's the entry:

This entry broke my string of loses, with 80%of the votes a pretty solid win.
So I'll at least end up with more wins than loses, as my record is now 6 & 3.

The last round starts today, the big finale.  You should definitely go check it out.
There are sure to be a lot of cinematic entries.
My entry is very different for me. Actually I had more fun on my round 10 teams than on any of the others.


Michael Awdry said...

There would have been no justice if you hadn't one this one! An outstanding entry that really showcased your skill. Well done Mr Ferret!

Anne said...

This is just stunning Ferret and I'm glad that your talent didn't go unrecognized.

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Color choice is superb, it's working fantastically well with these minis, very ethereal effect.
These marble Could you quickly describe how you did it and the colors you used for it? What's the redish/pink in there?

Mr. Lee said...

Had stated that you deserved to win this round.. glad that you did!

As for round 10, I think its another easy win.. not just because of the paint jobs but also cause of the scene and setting you have created for them as well. But they are also very very "interesting" of a group to paint up :) Will need more close ups of the rests though when its all over.. I think they plus their ride are too good not to do so!

Good luck mate!

Tristan M said...

These definitely deserved to win, well done David. The marble is superb and I love how you combined 54mm minis.

Lead Legion said...

I love the colour composition. Gorgeous work. Actually, it's more impressive than that, but I can't spell Beau..oh, I can. Beautiful painting.

Bill said...

The Bears are so FUN. I Love the ship and their little button eyes. You've got that one hands down I'm sure.

As for the Angels, Love em, really well done. I'm curious though, the one on the far left (except for the wings) looks almost identical to the Arch Angel.

Congratulations on a great run on your painting challenge. -Bill

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks for the kind comments everyone :)

Dr.Willet: Someday I may have to do a proper marble tutorial, but in general you start with the mid tone color over everything, in this case I think I used vallejo Model Color Pale GreyBlue, let it dry completely, then do another coat in the same, quite wet, and add amorphous bands and partial bands in the darker color(and mix it with a bit of the base color)let the edges blend some so it isn't too sharp between the two colors.then add the divergent color- I used Reaper Master series Blushing Rose,mixed with a touch of the base color, and add it to hug small areas of the larger bands. when it's dry add white veins.

Lead: I often have that same problem.. I'm too dyslexic for words with a bunch of vowels mashed together.

Thanks Bill, yeah the one on the left is the 28mm version of the 54mm. These were for a client who wanted 2 female and 3 male, they're going to be given to different people- sick children in hospitals, so it won't matter if 2 are similar, as long as they're not exact, and I felt this was the best armored female to convert to an angel- it's a Werner Klocke sculpt, and he's about the best there is inmy opinion.

Coronado said...

Just incredible. Keep it up man.

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