Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rider Rivals in the Westfold: LotR: LPL Round 5 Results

Another Sunday starts another round of the Lead Painter's League and completes the previous round.

Round 5 was a Special Bonus Theme round, with 'Lord of the Rings' as the theme, and bonus for having 2 new teams if fighting against each other.  I was very close to deciding to paint the characters from The War of the Ring board game, but in the end I thought it'd be better to have some progress on some armies I've wanted to have done for years and years.

So I had to go with riders of rohan, and their opponents of course uruk-hai, and what better orcs than warg riders, for a true 'arms race'? I hate the orc riders on the plastic wargs though, so I converted new riders from uruk-hai scouts, part of an all-scout army I built for the strategy battle game: no pikes, no crossbows, none of that stuff, just a fast recon & strike force.

My favorite human culture from Middle Earth has always been Rohan.  From the first time I read the series I was drawn to Rohan.  I'm not a horse fanatic, I like them as I do most animals, but something about Rohan's  outlook and underdog determination I admire.  They don't come from a position of ancient power and privilege like their allies the Gondorians, they are a rising force with strong roots in their 'barbaric' heritage.  It reminds me of the speech Cora makes to her father and would-be husband about the colonists in 'Last of the Mohicans', the bit about 'they do not need a by your leave they hack it out of the wilderness with their own two hands'. Hell yeah. Don't mess with Rohan. ;)

I won the round, which put me up against Tomsche, you can visit his blog here. It was a fun match up since he had nearly the same entry I did, but in 15mm. Great minds think alike!

I'm afraid I won't be winning my next round however.  I think it's a close match up, but I am far outclassed in setting. Not only are the minis painted nicely but the terrain composition is very cool.  I have to find some better scenic settings for my entries! This next round I have entered some Cavemen.  I'm quite happy with the minis, and love the sculpts.  I painted a group of 7, to be used for a Paleo-man party for a Paleolithic Pulp skirmish game I've been writing.  It will have a lot of different homind factions, as well as some others down the line.  I'm pretty excited about it, and figured this was a good chance to start painting the factions.
You can visit my inevitable first loss here. ;)

By the way, Happy Easter, be careful of the Bunny...


Jason said...

Admittedly, I haven't read LOTR all the way (working on it), but the Rohan from the movies were interesting. I think maybe it's the whole horse-borne military thing, it segues well with what we had historically in real life.

Impcommander said...

i've always heard that the LOTR rules are some of the best GW has written. Too bad barely anyone plays it.

Not sure what i'd play. Probably Rohan or Isenguard.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

You might be pretty stoked how your entries are going!

Jaap de Goede said...

Veeeery cool paint job,BTW, cheers, Jaap

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