Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cheer! Whether for Blood on the Pitch or in the Goblet. New Blood Bowl Cheerleader

If you look through the updates with the 'Blood Bowl' tag you'll find many about cheerleaders and other sideline miniatures. I'm a big fan of such minis. I think they can bring a team from whatever level of visual impressiveness they are at, to a couple notches higher. It shows extra style, care & love. I'm an aesthetic junky. Given the success of companies like Fantasy Flight Games with their highest production value board games, it's clear many others are as well. I would rather play with nice looking components than chits if it is possible. Afterall, you could play Blood Bowl with coins with numbers on them "these pennies are my goblins, the quarters are trolls, the dime is the chainsaw and nickle is my fanatic"... but that's the draw of miniatures games, the look of the game draws you further into the game. So when you have the chance for a nice looking cheerleader miniature, instead of just a mark on your team roster, I say take it!

Impact! Miniatures wanted me to paint their latest cheerleader, but asked for 2 versions of her, one as a goblinoid and one as a vampire. Looking at the sculpt I can see why: she's not only a great sculpt, she's very versatile. I can easily see her representing a number of races... she could be orc, goblin, hobgoblin, vampire, ghoul, dark elf, slanneshi chaos... I have plans to make a team for my Hobgoblin team roster, and so will undoubtedly paint one of these in a mustard skin tone for them.

As one of my friends said, "Looks like orcs are pretty lucky guys" ;)
So here she is:

Vampy Style

Goblinoid Girl


Rodger said...

Very cool!!

Michael Awdry said...

Just simply Brilliant! I trust 'Impact!' were suitably pleased.

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