Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Scotlin's from North Kilt-town: Wee Blood Bowl Punters

"Ach! Dem Trools an Arcs an frail Elfie lassies are nah match for an Ayngry Scootlin'!" The old white-bearded coot nodded sagely to the young men of the clan.  "An iffin yeh see any neer Leezards yeh just pool their tail and off it goes 'pop'!" he winked and laughed so hard he fell backwards, and passed out in his own sick.
Aye, they were ready to play some Blood Bowl.

Introducing the: North Kilt-town Sheep Shaggers. 
A Scotling team using the Goblin roster.

A Close up of the dirtiest players of the bunch: (L-R):
Finlay the Haggisflinger (bomber), Coll Caber-rider (Fanatic), Lachlan (Lonney), Rory (Pogo or 2nd Fanatic)

-If I run the team with Fungus & a rostered fanatic I'll use Rory as the roster fanatic: the team swing each other around, hitting with a flurry of fists & skulls, otherwise he's being tossed up, so the pogo.. but not sure a pogo is worth 70k compared to a 2nd fanatic. decision time.

It's easy for Duncan to look smug when he's got Finn & Benadonner at his back. 
The giants, from Rackham, will be the 'trolls' for the team.

Every team needs fans and mascots! At least one of the clan will show up to watch the game.. and drink some ale.
And someone has to watch the herd of Haggisess... or is that "Haggi'? They're a bit nasty, even before you cook them! 

And the team ready posing for what they hope will be their picture in the paper as champions... 
though it will serve just as well in the obituary section should the need arise!


Bill said...


The Angry Lurker said...

That is a quality team and full of Scottish generosity and charm.

Tristan said...

Where did you get the haggisses models?

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys :)

Tristan, they're from Black Hat Miniatures:


Paul of the Man Cave said...


Pete said...

Delightfully and exquisitely characterful, old boy!

Dunc said...

I think you may have noted me blaming you for my Group's resurgence of Blood Bowl over on my blog last night... So, yeah, thanks for giving drugs to the addict!

Seriously though, damn nice, excellent painting, and the lo-fi sculpting really appeals to me. So Scotlings will be my team, and I'll be using a few more cultural references - mainly cans of Irn Bru.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Happy to be a bad influence Dunc! :)

Michael Awdry said...

Now I have to admit I not entirely sure about the ins and outs of Blood Bowl, but that said these are wonderfully done. Great humour and I love the way the chainsaw turned out; brilliant!

Dunc said...

I should point out that in British culture it is the Welsh typically regarded as the main candidates for Sheep Bothering.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Michael! :)

Dunc: I heard something to that effect not long ago on a Podcast actually, I just remember some humorous saying I heard when I was a kid, "Scotland: where men are men & sheep are scared" -but no idea what it was from. But the alliteration is a must for Blood Bowl teams, so that settled it. The first name was 'Shelbyville Sheep Shaggers" but I had to name their town after Willie's home town in the end.

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