Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Plugging Warploque Miniatures: A Sale & Cool Free Hobbit

One of my favorite Independent Minis sculptor is having a holiday special!
Warploque Miniatures, the source of my favorite troll, the Hippo Troll, is having a special with free shipping, even international shipping!  Which is great for those of us who live oceans & continents away from the U.K.

Plus, if you order 35 GBP or more you get an otherwise unavailable Halfling Feaster:
This guy is so full of character. I can easily see him as a sideline mini for Blood Bowl, either cheerleader, coach, halfling chef (sampling his wares), etc. So of course, I couldn't resist.  I ordered a set of halflings to make a fantasy skirmish warband (he's working on archers now too) along with another troll and a prehistoric bird creature. Great stuff! 


Sheep said...

I've always loved his death kiwis since I saw them in his lizardman army, great to see he's making a real go of it as a sculptor :)

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