Saturday, November 12, 2011

Putting the 'Fantasy' in Fantasy Football: Amazon Theme Conversions for Blood Bowl

Latest team finished for a client, is an Amazon team roster using the 'Sinister Elves' from Shadowforge.
Shadowforge exclusively make female miniatures and I've seen and played against, Amazon teams made from them, both the 'Bunny' team and the 'Nuns'.  The client wanted to use the dark elf team, but remove any sign that they were elves, since Amazons are humans.  So big pointy ears were removed and tucked back inside their helmets, or clipped, shaved and rounded back to a standard human looking ear for the ones without helmets.

For theme he wanted 'sexy' with an idea that each position type could be a different color and different fantasy/fetish.  The Blitzers look pretty tough, and have a full mask, so 'Dominatrix' was an obvious choice, with all black leather.  I wanted to sculpt gas masks over the mask, but he preferred them as they are, so not a problem.  Here's how they turned out:
He also wanted a variety of skin tones, which you can see here- I didn't use the African tone on these, needing more contrast with the solid dark uniform. In the team I've gone for northern-caucasian, asian, mediterranean, latin-american and african. 

Next are linewomen.  I had thought maybe converting them all to have little skirts and do them as French Maids or Catholic School Girl style, but the minis don't really lend themselves to either style or skirts, so we decided on a basic 'sexy red' since that seems to be one of the most popular lingerie colors... 
All of the ears are removed and are safely inside their helmets now, away from gnashing orc teeth! 
I also removed the little skulls from the uniform. They worked with the Blitzer's dominatrix theme, but not for these 'Fredrick's of Hollywood' style girls. 

What about Catcher's? The models had big hair and a pointy headband.  So I added another layer to the headband to create something that looks like the silly bobby-pinned on Nurse hat.  This would allow me to make them 'sexy nurses' and have a striking contrasting uniform color: white. It's a Halloween costume favorite, but personally I've never understood that particular fantasy.  I spent 2 months in the hospital bolted to a bed in traction, and found the whole experience anything but sexy. But hey, there's something for everyone!

Lastly the throwers.  They're the 'stars' of a team, and the most given to showing off, so I wanted something bold with a lot of 'look at me' personality.  So I thought of Leopard-print. here's the result:
I'm really happy with these.  I'd like to do a team for counts as Amazons/ Wood Elf combo, all in leopard print. 

And here's the team shot, which is now in the Hall of Fame Gallery

(Can click to see it bigger)

I'm often undecided if I like different color uniforms for different positions.  It's become pretty common for Slann teams, and it's a good way to easily tell the positions apart, but sometimes I worry it breaks a 'team' look. But I'm siding with 'like it' this time.  I'm happy with the different looks as part of a unified theme, and with a team like Amazons, where the different positions can be very hard to identify, this type of system is going to make gaming with them much easier. 


Buggrit said...

I painted up the nun team as Zons/Humans for Glowworm, keeping the basic uniform the same and just adjusting the colour of the wimpole to fit the 2nd ed positional colour. Worked really nicely whilst keeping a solid nunlike team colourscheme.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

WoW! Some lovely conversions and paint jobs there mate! You've really pulled that theme together very well. Like you, I wouldn't normally go for such a range of colour variations but the distinctive model sculpts make it work in this case where it wouldn't in many others (I think anyway).

A wonderful team I'm sure your client will appreciate, and that his opponents will at least not mind loosing to!

Michael Awdry said...

Now that is seriously impressive! Wonderful paint jobs and conversions, very alluring.

Laughing Ferret said...

Buggrit: the nuns are definitely a fun team, I've been tempted a few times to make them. Godo idea for different color wimpoles.

Thanks Paul & Mike!

Lobo said...

amazing job... the nurses are Really fucked up!!! ;)))

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